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  1. Richard Karn is one of a kind. What a lucky find for the show!

  2. 1:40 – Gotta love that acceptable '90s homophobia. Back then we didn't care. We weren't such pussies.

  3. omfg I totally forgot about that getin down an dirty with my ho hahaha omg my favoret tv show ever man when I was a kid

  4. SPOILER ALERT: Al Borland was really the real perpetrator behind the murder of Jason Blossom!

  5. lol'd hard when he decked that old lady

  6. From 1:29 what episode is it where Al hugs Tim for appreciation?

  7. you should have never made that recording of me in bed

  8. I would love to look under your hood that got me weak

  9. This show was so funny til the kids grew up.

  10. Wow…"Getting down and dirty with my hoe!"…that's just so hilarious 🙂 "Home Improvement" was a great comedy show for sure!

  11. I was looking for that gardening hoe joke

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