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Home Improvement – A Half Hour of Power

Home Improvement – A Half Hour of Power by Biography.

The behind-the-scenes story of the creation and evolution of the hilarious sitcom that took a fresh look at family relationships. Features clips from the series and exclusive interviews with stars Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson, Richard Karn, Zachery Ty Bryan, and Taran Noah Smith.


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  1. I really loved this show! It was one of the very best shows ever on tv, if not the best. I miss it. Thank you to all the people who acted in it and all the people who helped to make it the great show that it was! Thank you so much!! It was a part of my life, a very good part.

  2. the vasectomy show educated men on why they should have one?….! feminism much? Great show without that bit of shit. Really changed my mind about her.

  3. I do remember this show growing up in the 90s but mainly the theme song with Tim Allen's signature "AEUUUUH??!" I was 2 when it started and 10 when it ended. Kind of wish I was older. I would've watched it haha. I also wondered where the hell the grunting came from. =P

  4. i was born in 1985 this was my favorite show growing up in the 1990s

  5. Of course it would be women that hate the show. Some things never change. I'm a woman and I love home improvement. My dad acts just like Tim Allen.

  6. They chose Frances Fisher in the beginning to play the role as Jill? Were they nuts? She isn't even pretty. So glad they got Patricia Richardson for the role. She was perfect. She has even made guest appearances on Tim's current show, Last Man Standing as his neighbor. Also Jonathan Taylor Thomas as a restaurant owner. Anyway, the show and the cast was amazing. I realize all good things come to an end but I would like to thank everyone involved with this show for giving us a show worth watching each week. Hey, Last Man Standing is also a good show with a talented cast but then, Tim doesn't do junk..

  7. Wow, Jonathon Taylor Thomas is a cutie

  8. H.I. was and still is my favourite show of all time! I liked JTT of course (And Zachary Ty Brian!) but the show was so good, I still watched it after JTT left.
    As for reruns….they were on CMT (County Music Television) last year for about 4 or 5 months, on weeknights, but they stopped airing the episodes. the episodes would come on at like 11pm. A lot of people watch the news then so not a great time to air it and expect good ratings for the reruns.

  9. that ending…  🙁      Miss this show so much.

  10. I love Home Improvement so very much and I hope they will get picked up by TBS or someone to show all the great episodes of this awesome show, you just don't get to see many great comedy shows like Home Improvement!!!

  11. This is  good video.  I own the series so I can watch when ever I get in the mood.

  12. It's a bummer that 'Home Improvement' reruns aren't shown on tv anymore. I've seen it a couple times, I think it was on the Hallmark channel, but Nick at Night or TBS needs to pick it up. There are still a lot of people who would watch it, especially now that kids who grew up watching it are now in our 30's.

  13. Ah yes, the beloved classic Little Bigfoot 2: The Journey Home.

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