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Home Improvement 7 Bloopers


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  1. The visual quality of this video needs More Power!

  2. Sad this show ended. Why couldn't the spin off show be a out them in Indiana, not the stupid Last Man Standing.

  3. 1:57 I am Buzz Lightyear. No, no…I AM Buzz Lightyear.

  4. I love Home Improvement, but Last Man Standing was better then it in the first season. Then Last Man Standing got completely ruined after the 1st season, when they changed the oldest sister, and added the whining fag moocher husband of hers.

  5. 2:58 Guy in green tee – is that Bill Paxton?

  6. 6:24–stop trying to sound like Roseanne.

  7. Johnathan Taylor Thomas doeeee 😍

  8. I love Last Man Standing, but Home Improvement is WAY WAY WAY better.

  9. The Buzz Lightyear part gave me such a joyful laugh XD

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