I can get enough trauma in my life. They may go back and watch it in it’s original Japanese and In this battle, fansubbers often win, as some groups add context that people not familiar with Japanese culture would otherwise miss. Hi, we are aware of the issue! I especially appreciate the way Totoro manages to keep the kids enthralled without a bumbling useless fuckwit of a father, and evil step parent, or any of the other often obnoxious staples. Its better with subtitles, but its hard to argue with the choice to cast Peter Boyle as Muta. There is a fluid, organic quality to his work that exposes the facile efficiency of CGI. This is a great post.

But my absolute favorite of these was a movie about a prison in Israel. Still not a great show but watchable and you can skip the second season without feeling as if you’ve missed out on something. Hello, Check around July as Season 2 episodes will start to release around this time! Please note we do not recommend join in to an insult anyone because of there looks to there type of shows they watch, however we happy to hear you learn a lesson. I was going to joke about spitting on his grave until I saw he actually just died in April. Anime is not a genre unto itself, though there are patterns found most specifically within anime. Its better with subtitles, but its hard to argue with the choice to cast Peter Boyle as Muta. I’m not doubting you, just curious to read more!

Dailymotion has issue with Season 2 being upload. I’ve actually for a long time wanted to make a movie with quiet, tense philosophical conversation between deeply wounded characters trying to come to terms with their neglish mistakes only to have the last half-hour veer into an attack on the city by giant laser-shooting killer robots from space.

Violetta – Season 2 – Episode 01

If you’ve made it this far, I offer a very complex papercraft model for Howl’s Moving Castle 26 page Japanese PDF with additional 21 page English instructions in a second PDFand three videos depicting the model creation in high speed. Only Yesterday references menstruation, hitting a child. I really want to watch violetta 2! Having a big robot battle at the end of House might be a rather jarring non-sequitur but it would be more enjoyable than House in its present form.

Also, let me put in a plug for The Cat Returns. Finally, with Big O it really is a show of two seasons. Anime is not stylization; that’s a superficial reading of the genre. I’ve been working on it for about a week, since the Vally of the Wind review and full movie link was sent around the ‘net via io9.


Troma and Ghibli are two studios I probably would least expect to intersect in any way. Halpy maybe that’s all that needs to be said.

Which is a good thing. A bit of translation, copied for posterity from GhibliWiki: Godfathers was OK, but it wasn’t really in the same league as any of those. There is no issue with episode episofe Do you have any more information on that?

The first Studio Ghibli film to get “the Disney treatment” under the new arrangement was Kiki’s Delivery Service, which was released in the US on September 1,eight years after the Japanese release. I think it’s somewhat abberant in that it is one of the few animes that tries to play well between the fan service that people expect from the common tropes and actually deliver an interesting and good story.

You can view all episode here: Though there was a rerelease of the film this year that reverts soundtracks and removes a lot of the extra dialogue, apparently. Yui Aragaki – ” Piece ” posted by filthy light thief at 1: There’s this scene in Castle in the Sky where two kids the heroes are sitting in an old cave or mine with an ancient miner, who blows out his lamp and tells them to watch what happens.

Not knocking Steve Blum as a person, but he plays the same voice-character for a number of roles, making it seem like Roger Smith from The Big O is somehow a re-dressed version of Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop. Whenever I suggest it to someone I tell them to watch the second episode first, bappy at least watch the first two, and then subsequently watch the beoh before they make a decision. Not just Ponyo, but yaknow, Sosuke and his mom Lisa.

One thing that weirds me out: Whenever I watch it, I smile, and smile, and smile. While the credits show her coming home, there’s just too much working against her.

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After Mononoke I’ve never quite trusted the stories being told by Ghibli. If my kid s want to watch it, they can do it when they’re old enough to watch movies without me around. In short, their ability to transform their testicles into many forms YT, SFW if your work is OK with animated expanding animal testicles. In the Japanese version, the darkness slowly becomes filled with glowing blue dots, like stars, and the kids and the miner just sit there in awe for the longest time, watching.

Meantime, I englsh watch the animation of the roiling ocean in Ponyo another dozen times and not be tired of it.


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Like Liked by 1 person. It’s like you open them up and there’s nothing inside worth talking about.

When lessson they be out!!!!!!!!! The first time I saw it was on tv here, about 8 years ago, and I understood very, very little, but it still left me in tears. Cast him for the dubs, of course. You do know we offer Season 1!

Kind of hoping anyone who can hear out my window isn’t alarmed when I sing along with the initial version of the end credit song.

But yes, in any case, what I meant was no synergistic cross brand tie-ins. Yes, that was a typo. Castle in the SkyMiyazaki – refered to as a point of comparison for some design features in Pixar’s Upbut not reviewed by Ebert.

Anime is just a format, and with Studio Ghibli, it’s cel-animation by-and-large, which is astounding in this day of computer animation being the industry standard for animation as far as I’ve seen.

Given all that, Ghibli films are not made to support englisy merchandise franchise, compared to some other kid-oriented movies and TV series.

Where we come from we worship Miyazaki, and if we had kids we would show them all of his movies. It’s one of the saddest movies I’ve ever seen. While that may be true, if they are uninitiated let them discover and enjoy the movies before rushing in to tell them they aren’t doing it right. I have not heard that before. Other things fit as well. My three year old is not interested in waiting until she’s reading well enough to follow movie subtitles before she dares approach Ponyo or Totoro.

Big O was only twelve episodes long and then was canceled. In this battle, fansubbers often win, as some groups add context that people not familiar with Japanese culture eepisode otherwise miss. I’ve actually been on something of a Miyazaki kick recently, since I bought and watched Ponyoand was then on a panel at a local con that partially celebrated his movies and manga. Because the bappy lips don’t move when it “speaks,” Disney had the freedom to cram vastly more words into the cat’s mouth than were present in the Japanese original.

Another one that’s comes to mind is a show called Gungrave.