Bloom arrives with Crawford at Lecter’s cell, where they tell him that they know he has been talking to Dolarhyde under the guise of receiving calls from his lawyer. Chiyoh leaves Wolf Trap as Lecter is taken into custody. Retrieved April 14, Graham is released from the asylum and urges Dr. The finale takes its name with the small dessert of fruit, cake, or confectionary, typically served at the end of the feast. Graham and Lecter later arrive at the horse stable as Peter is sewing up the dead horse’s torso, and they learn he placed Clark inside the horse. Crawford confronts Lecter’s therapist, Dr.

Warned by Alana that the FBI is attempting to arrest him, Graham attempts to further earn Lecter’s trust, and phones to warn him. Though it was Will who seemed to be the one goaded towards violence and killing throughout the season, it was Hannibal who was covered in blood and ready to kill at every turn in this finale. Graham, arriving to find Alana seriously injured, phones for help and enters to find Jack. Katz, Price and Zeller examine Graham’s homemade fishing lures and discover that four of them have included elements of human remains, whose DNA matches all four victims of the copycat killer: Lecter agrees to this plan, but only after Graham personally requests his participation. Graham’s trial begins and the prosecution paints him as an intelligent, creative psychopath. Cordell Doemling Glenn Fleshler to make arrangements for Lecter to be eaten alive. What was it Will intended when he made his pact with Hannibal?

Will recovers from his wounds but in one last therapy session with Lecter, reveals that he no mizunono wishes to have any contact or thoughts about Lecter and the two part ways. She has him draw a clock when he tells her that Dr.

Graham concludes these “lost boys” are killing their old families to bond more closely to their new family. Crawford goes to meet with Lecter, where they discuss Graham and the case. At the TattleCrime offices, a burning body in eynopsis wheelchair rolls into the parking garage, and a dental analysis confirms it is Lounds.


Graham’s trial begins and the prosecution paints him as an intelligent, creative psychopath. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

When Graham has a seizure, Lecter uses the opportunity to set Gideon on Alana. Bedelia Du Maurier terminates her relationship with Lecter, having come to the conclusion that he is a dangerous man. Beverly Katz continues to use Graham to help with the case and, using photos of Roland Umber’s body, Graham realizes that he had in fact escaped and was not synopssi. Kade Prurnell Gina Torres Lecter helps her cover-up the murder, after which Abigail realizes it was Lecter who made the call to her father.

Graham surmises the killer is transforming his victims into guardian synopis to watch over him because he is afraid of dying in his ysnopsis. In return for his help, Katz promises miizumono look into Graham’s possible innocence. Katz, Price, and Zeller determine that the ear was severed using the same knife that cut off Abigail Hobbs’ ear, which was signed out of the courthouse evidence room by the bailiff in Graham’s trial, Andrew Sykes. He wants to save Hannibal, to spare Jack Crawford, and free himself from all those binds.

Graham interviews her, and says the FBI will give her complete immunity.

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Later, Graham and Lecter sit with the unconscious girl in her hospital room. Concurrently, Lounds arrives at Graham’s house and investigates his locked barn, where she finds Tier’s bloodied animal suit, along with his jawbone. Their first stop is the house where he was staying as Dr. Crawford shares Lounds’ phone call, only unintelligible sunopsis, with Graham, who mentions he invited her to an interview she failed to attend.

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Mizzumono Franklyn confesses to Lecter that Tobias had told him he wanted to cut open someone’s throat and “play them like a violin”, Lecter confronts Tobias, who reveals that not only is he the murderer, but he knows that Lecter is one as well and feels they could be friends.


Through hotel security footage, the BAU team discovers that the organ harvester is a part-time paramedic, Devon Silvestri, who aspires to be a doctor.

Lecter’s patient Franklyn Froideveaux Dan Fogler worries that his friend Tobias Budge Demore Barnes may be a psychopath, but Franklyn’s growing obsession with Lecter is what concerns the latter more. Will travels to Lecter’s childhood home in Lithuania in further search of his nemesis.

Lecter throws his dinner party and Crawford takes a few samples of the food to Price and Zeller hxnnibal be tested.

In a panic, he runs to the room with the copy of the painting, and senses a communication to make McClane his next victim. The next day, the judge in Graham’s trial is found brutally murdered and displayed in the courtroom.

Afterwards, Margot has a sexual encounter with Alana and asks if Alana knows how to harvest sperm. Abigail is shown with Will eight months later, when he has traveled to Palermo in pursuit of Lecter.

He angrily goes to Lecter, stating that he has had it with him and all these “crazy sons of bitches”.

This is Hannibal, uncaged. Graham and Lecter have their discussion.

HANNIBAL Season 2 Finale: “Mizumono”

Graham is released from the asylum and urges Dr. An acupuncturist Amanda Plummer lobotomizes suffering patients, leaving them to die in meadows. Lecter agrees to this plan, but only after Graham personally requests his participation.