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Great new painting tool invention

The Roller Ready is available in two different materials now available for sale. (Additional sizes coming soon!)

The Roller Ready Aluminum Big Pro Version:

The Roller Ready Big Plastic Version:

  • The Roller Ready is a paint roller cleaner for your paint rollers and paint sleeves.
  • It is easy to use and eliminates messy paint roller cleanup.
  • It’s made of sturdy materials that will last.
  • There is an aluminum (PRO) and sturdy plastic version.
  • The Roller Ready’s small size stores easily in your tool box or a drawer.
  • Your savings from buying fewer paint rollers will quickly pay for the Roller Ready.


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  2. This product, as you can see, is also made in plastic for the consumer … plastic version is a reduced cost .. Aluminum would be for the everyday professional.

  3. Created out of frustration .. I always relied on the hand pump spinner and realized that tool was only to dry my roller sleeve .. ( Still had to wash by hand. ) I wanted to create a tool that would be able to be submerged in water and clean using less water and saving valuable time at the end of my day .. roller ready was born. Now we clean and save, money ,water and time at the end of a work day ..the DIYS, will also love this tool because they can now buy a better roller sleeve to use for a better finish and save thier roller sleeves ..no more throw away … ROLLERREADY.. see us at rollerready.com .. You will not regret buying this tool for any contractor or home owner that loves to paint for them selves. Soon to see this new product at a store near you .. if you ask your local hardware or big box store to carry the ROLLERREADY Product. thank you . Brian Robertson.

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