I recommend people who love the movie to read the book because there is enough difference in the book, especially in the second episode, to want to read it. Theodor16 7 July However, no viewer is likely to doubt that Maud and Sue will somehow end up together — improbably — as the credits roll. I’ll definitely watch it again! Less passion, love, and related sexual content. I was completely taken by the unfolding of the story.

The Victorian England setting featuring two lesbian lead characters was intriguing and delightful. To avoid that, I am not going to talking the story here. The story line overall was of a good choice, the twisting and the unravelling of the characters were amazing! Fingersmith felt like a watered down version of Tipping the Velvet. However, they put all the important bits in where even if you only watch the film and choose not to read the book you will be most satisfied with the outcome. But considering only being able to be fitted into a 3 hour slot I think it was done excellent. Imelda Staunton gives yet another fantastic performance as Mrs.

The love making scene was pure beautiful. It was so tender and loving and just showed how natural homosexual love can be. It followed the main twisted storyline brilliantly. There is truly fingersmitth about Ms. An error subtitpes occured. This movie will break your heart while at the same time give you butterflies like you’ve never felt before. Imelda Staunton played the conniving Mrs.

The biggest surprise of all was how I would be so completely enchanted by the love these two young women radiated across the screen.

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I do not wish to spoil, so i would like to stop there. The supporting actors were well chosen, too, they made a great ensemble. I needn’t have worried.

The storyline is rich with plausible occurrences as well as fresh ideas from the present. It begins with an interesting storyline with a twisted ending.

And such pearl it is. Heligena 12 April They acted with their souls, and this is what gets across to the audience! Antagonisten 26 December I was totally blown away with both the book and the TV adaption!


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Rupert Evans played the slime-ball gentleman with sheer charm and snark. Despite the fact that she was a dastardly opportunist, she somehow managed to have you sympathizing with her in the end. And things would be simple, if the story was what i have just told.

Well, let me tell you, after seeing it for the first time last night, I was completely blown away and I am pary myself for not watching this masterpiece sooner. If you do enjoy the romance of two girls this isn’t one of the best films to watch.

They are very unusual in a period drama.

The adaptation was excellent, very little cut out, and went along at a cracking pace although I did wonder whether if you hadn’t read the book, would you miss things? I ordered the DVD less than a week later and unable to wait for it to come I went straight out and brought the book. Audible Download Audio Books. To turn a page book where every line is of the highest quality into a three hour extravaganza is a huge feat.

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So the movie should be interesting for straight people or guys like me as well. I’ve already gone and aubtitles the book of Fingersmith and I can’t wait to begin reading it.

Sarah Waters is pure genius! Life is tough without money, especially in Dickensian London. I regard this film as a good adaption of Sarah Water’s book, as compared with the previous one “Tipping the velvet”.

The film did retain fingersmigh of spirits of the main characters in the book. After watching Tipping the Velvet by Sarah waters i decided to watch Fingersmith, the characters were just as good in both performances, though missing Rachael Stirling in the adaptation of Fingersmith.

I was completely taken by the unfolding of the story. He has my full admiration. Sally Hawkins is stunning successfully portrayed the character in love with her mistress and betrayed by her love. And the plot has some further surprising twists. Fingersmith left several interesting plot lines open. I became immediately immersed into the rich and suspenseful plot I only heard about Fingersmith fijgersmith i was flipping through “The L subtitlfs websites. But,rather like a cliff-hanger movie serial,all became clear as the tale thus-far, was recapped from another point of view.


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Enter Mr Gentlement, a charming, good-looking thief with a heart as bad as any. That might just be me though, i usually have a problem with movies dragging on after the plot is more or less finished. I watch mini-series night and day and somehow had missed this one which I can now say,”is a jewel among mini-series”,as it’s heroines are amongst literary characters.

But finversmith can asure you subttles everything is twisted and turned before you can even aware of what has happened. The ending was much more hasty than in Tipping the Velvet. I recommend people who love the movie to read the book because there skbtitles enough difference in the book, especially in the second episode, to want to read it. The storyline of Fingersmith interested me, yet i passed it away, thinking “Lesbian in Victorian period, that never ends well, i have enough of those lesbo series and movies that go no where” However, during Christmas my local DVD store gave Fingersmith a discount, i brought the DVD, and my life has never been more colourful This mini series deserves to be cherished and praised.

Once it happened, you then question what would happen next. I have never read anything by Sarah Waters, which is of course something i subtiltes do.

In fact, I loved it so much that I ran out and bought the book.