I thought to myself, how bad could this be? Retrieved from ” https: And while the makeup on the men may be historically accurate, it is not applied in a very charismatic fashion, as though the filmmakers were trying to give us something to laugh at. For the concept, see ridiculous. Ponceludon falls in love with Bellegarde’s daughter Mathilde Judith Godreche who is young and pretty and bosomy and is conducting research with a diving suit. She is an impossibly healthy, handsome beauty no man could resist. The subtlety of the French language is well used and, each time you see this movie, you find something new in the conversations. ElMaruecan82 21 May

From a historical point of view, it’s perfect! They could be popular courtiers who have misspoken, thereby providing an ambitious courtier with the opportunity to ridicule them. What makes this film such a delight is the delicious way it satirizes the decadent court of Louis XVI. For some reason I didn’t take to this film, and I don’t precisely know why. This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Overall, I must say that the film is beautifully shot, funny in a very literary, upper minded way and a sheer delight.

Patrice Leconte’s most achieved feature. Although the film does not actually portray them doing anything they would not actually have done they were, indeed, deeply ingrained into the life of their courtby not holding them out the film does give us the impression that they were every bit as trashy and apathetic as the courtiers in fact, they were most certainly not and that they deserved their ultimate lot in the French Revolution and any historian even slightly to the right of Karl Marx agrees that they most certainly did not.

Ponceludon needs money to drain the swamps, a costly project that only the King, fond on scientific innovations, can fund. The opening scene has a tone that differs from the film itself, to catch our eye or to draw our interests in a particular direction, as long as you keep your head above the spice of two minute experience, you will adjust to the rest of the film with ease. She is determined to remain engaged to him, even though he is currently married to another woman, so that he may finance her scuba diving interests.

Most often, he is identified with his creation Figaro for his their celebrated barbs against privilege and the abuse of power.

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Play on words and pun mean the same thing. Her character is also more vulnerable. Issue 5 Historical romps are fashionable these days, and the French six-part, over-the-top miniseries, et demi that aired this past winter, outdid all the anachronisms Sofia Coppola threw in to enliven and modernize her Marie Antoinette But it was too late for Madame de Blayac, because she had nothing else apart from that pointless life.


She maliciously has Bellegarde attend her in his capacity as physician when Ponceludon is still with her, ensuring that Mathilde learns of their relationship.

This was most effectively communicated to the audience by the fact that there were a few scenes where the French conversation was not subtitled.

The foggy duel with “L’Officier Duel”, aerial views of “le marais” and some small moments, like the scene of the palace’s flowers resembling it to a “The cure” song an aspect S.

We’re agreed the set-up was rotten: Berling is smooth and believable as a man with a noble mission, adroit at repartee, love and dueling, a modest and earnest hero.

At first, Ponceludon’s provincial background makes him a target at parties and gatherings, even though he proves himself a formidable adversary in verbal sparring.

Along with the beautiful countryside, architecture and decor, costumes couldn’t they give “poor” Mathilde more than two dresses to wear during the entire film? In response, de Bellegarde stands and asks how to sign “bravo,” leading Ponceludon to rise and clap to show his support. Aside from being another way of illustrating conformity, it also poses a huge difference between then and now.

For the concept, see ridiculous. It’s a good example of French humor, which is far different than American humor and far more enlightening. He is robbed upon his arrival, but is then befriended by the Marquis de Dd, a physician who takes him in and offers him protection.

All the films set in this place and during this period turn me off.

This forced the audience, particularly the English speaking audience, to focus more on the way the characters were speaking to each other rather than what exactly they were saying. His quick and clever mind and youthful good looks gain the attention of the king’s mistress, Madame de Blayac Fanny Ardant who demonstrates how access to the king can come through her bedroom. When she comes over, he rejects her advances. One could show the scene 5: In today’s society, men who wear that much make-up are most often the ones who are actually trying NOT to fit in with the general population.

She is betrothed to the wealthy Montalieri, a soon-to-be widowed aristocrat who is four times her age. Rarely do we witness an impeccable work of Art. Guldbagge Award for Best Foreign Film. For some time I could not understand how the plight of so many French citizens could be so desperate and full of starvation and death while the wealthy did not suffer the same fate, and why nobody did anything to change this.

French can be so brutal, insidious, cruel, tortured, witty when used a propos that I’m not sure the non-French speakers could get the most of the dialogues. A poor humanitarian travels from the ill swamps of Southern France to the court of Versailles to seek funding from the Royal Court to correct the deplorable living conditions ignored by the King.


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Film is directed by Fe Leconte who has always shown great sets and locations and this is a very impressive looking film. And the project in patricee belongs to a rural aristocrat, Gregoire Ponceludon de Malavoy, more than a gifted engineer, a decent man who cares for peasants, victims of mosquitoes-infested swamps in his region, the Dombes.

We can be our own enemies as sometimes, a beautiful moment in the sun can turn into a stormy disaster, simply with one unfortunate word. He then urinates on the helpless old man. From a historical point of view, it’s perfect! Was this review helpful? Bellegarde’s moralilty affected the education of his own daughter, the beautiful Mathilde Judith Godreche: It demonstrates how slander, intrigue, and reputation determined individual fortunes and destinies. Since the above productions did not have the classroom in mind, but a public of dd own ridiclue, it is churlish to complain.

Beautiful, cunning, devoid of feelings. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. While watching Alice one night from his darkened apartment, a flash of lightning reveals his staring face. Excellent and intelligent review of Ridicule by Dr. Certainly the absolutely brilliant rhymes contest would be somehow lost in English subtitles. This article is about the film.

Near resums end of the film the protagonist, the Marquis de Malavoy, countryside aristocrat who has learned the court games simply in an attempt to petition Louis XVI for help with his land and for his feudal tenants, castigates the courtiers for their hypocrisy. Alice is at first horrified at being spied pqtrice and then is intrigued at who he can be.

He sleeps with her in exchange for her assistance; she arranges a meeting with the King. Veteran Rochefort is particularly good in a part that depends on a directive and expressive face amid the whispers at court. The embarrassed cannoneer then insults Ponceludon, forcing him into demanding a duel. Her performance compares favorably with that of Glenn Close and Annette Bening, respectively, although there is an earthy quality to Ardant that seems most realistic.

The thrilling aspect of “Ridicule” is that it turns a rather benign theme into a life-and-death situation, when the hero’s mission depends on his wit and being ridiculed would be his failure. When he speaks, it’s too late.