A small puddle can cause a man to slip and die. A crazy twisted Finder series high school fic. Now Primo and his guardians are alive and well, right in Namimori. Is Lucy going to stand up for herself? October Oct 9, Game Jan 16, The jolly but uneventful adventures of a sadistic Ruby by Camnp reviews Ruby is a bit

Takahiko Sakaguma as Marine ep Pirate ep Tenryuubito ep So the Order was reformed under the name Knights of the True Cross. Japanese Box Office, June Jun 23, Because of this all his emotions have gone missing from his body! December 3—9 Dec 14, Inscribed on the back was five crimson, blood red kanji- ‘Rokudaime Hokage’.

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Get Over Yourselves by Kalira69 reviews Shikamaru knows he cannot be the only one who is sick of Naruto and Sasuke yelling and bitching and never actually just admitting they want each other. Now, many pirates are off looking for this legendary treasure to claim the title Pirate King.

With the Stars by Watermelonsmellinfellon reviews An AU where Yuuri episose got into ice skating professionally, but he’s still just as good at it. What ipel doesn’t realize is that fifteen year old, Peter Parker is a foster child in the child care system and Peter wants it to stay that way. Magic and Mafia by Daygon Yuuki reviews After the arcabaleno curse was broken and Tsuna Sawada crowned as the Tenth boss of Vangola family after finally turning thirteen.


Justice from devolving into teenage chaos. Forever Family, Forever Vongola by AnimationNut reviews They’re a group of insane, energetic, destructive and hyper people. The main difference being, Ace and Luffy despise each impek to no end.

However, how are Yukio and Rin brought into this? Control by nikodark reviews Dick Grayson gets kidnapped a lot. Light in the Hell by kelakair reviews He saw Rin die. episodf

So she was traded like a yak to the son of the Berserker chief. Cara Reid as Sayo ep Found by Vegaslover reviews AU Richonne fiction. The reason why is unknown, however she must now survive this apocalypse along with five high school students, a school nurse, a young girl, and her dog in order to live long enough to find her way back home.

Toshiyuki Morikawa as Enel Hatchan. He especially didn’t expect his father to hug him. Hideo Ishikawa as Stansen eps When Iceland arrives at Hogwarts, he has no idea what to expect. Starting off as a T rating. A Richonne and Grimes 2.


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Now they have to protect both the country and their identities! Saga of Tanya the Evil – Rated: Luffy T for language.

Ten years later by Ixiofim reviews Ten years have passed. I don’t know yet What kind of Chaos will Yamamoto cause at Shin Makoku?

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Tsuna was about to give up on his own life when he found himself some where other than the battle faild. Now, an inexplicable threat has forced the saiyan hero to plunge into action once more.

Return of the Answerman Aug 14, Hiroaki Miura as Absalom Pirate ep The Click – March 11th-March 17th Mar 11, One Piece Debuts on U. Nobuhiko Kazama as Pirate D ep 1. Understanding by Reading-Bennie reviews It takes time to understand.

Japanese Comic Ranking, November Nov 10, Will she free those of the Dark World?