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EXCLUSIVE! Behind The Scenes of the ‘Home Improvement’ Reunion on ‘Last Man Standing’

Does everyone know what time it is? Time for a Home Improvement reunion!


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  1. His current show just got cancelled by ABC due to political incorrectness on Tim's part. The libtard snowflake execs want nothing to do with Tim Allen.

  2. That episode was a riot, especially all the in-jokes in their first scene. "Hi-de-ho there, Baxter!"

  3. I love home improvement! A classic!!

  4. It's 2017, just watched "Helen Potts" episode. It was hilarious and so great to see them together again.

  5. Damn that dude got a big ass head!!!!! I'm not talking about the actor's in Home Improvement.

  6. at 0:54 she should have said "i don't think so Tim"

  7. lol…u all are being kinda vicious towards big head…I had to watch again after reading these comments

  8. that guy at the end had a huge head

  9. jillllll is still FREAKING HOT! id make our with her allllllllllll day

  10. Jesus Christ, Patricia Richardson looks like she just stepped off the set of Home Improvement yesterday! O.o

  11. 16 years (now closer to 17) since Home Improvement went off the air? I feel old.

  12. I LOVE these two!!! ❤️ One of the most legendary TV couples xxxx 😘💕❤️💋💖

  13. This is one of THE BEST SHOWS EVER! please do 10 more yrs! Then you can retire! ALL the cast are soo awesome! and PLEASE dont try to sneak in some PC message! We get enough of that crap in the rest of the media.The life that Mike baxter has is the dream life i wish i had (would like a boy as a one of the kids though lol) but never will thanks for keeping the dream alive at least for a few minutes..

  14. Get rid of Danny Directo. He is everything I hate about TV!

  15. Am I just really high or is this guys head HUGE??

  16. I keep hearing that she did not get along with him off set of home improvement, is that true

  17. She looks even better now than in 1991.

  18. Love the obvious references to Home Improvement. She's wearing flannel and the fence behind them is the same one they shared with Wilson. I loved Home Improvement.

  19. I just got to see this episode. I hope Helen Potts pops up more. Explain why she was at a Halloween fundraiser at an elementary school and why she enjoys a little glug glug. not to mention she's great. Patricia Richardson and Nancy Travis have some chemistry on camera. I wish they hadn't used Johnathan with a different name. but no one asked me.

  20. The host is weird and why is he talking like an anime character? He's overreacting the simple act of talking

  21. She has not changed at all. She looks good.

  22. Jesus that guys head is coming through my monitor.

  23. Question: Is the ET host what you would call "metrosexual" or just faggy? Or just creepy, or both? Or is that Miley Cyrus in drag, I'm confused.

  24. I bought this episode on iTunes; best episode yet of Last Man Standing!!

  25. Happy to See them together again,, they still have the chemistry on TV you can tell

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