As always, do not get alarmed. Homie June 29, Recent Post by Page. The sessions are conducted on a regular basis and we’ve had a number of poets performing on various issues. I jot down my thought process and it has a lot to do with the love I have for my art. Get Notified Add to Watch List.

Submissions open on the February 15, Discussions No post yet! Sections of this page. You do not want to employ a shaky camera movement unless there is a sense of unease or gritty realism that you are trying to project. Details At Drishtikon, we invite entries for short film reflecting on the theme of Counter Culture – a subculture whose values and norms of behaviour differ substantially from those of mainstream society, often in opposition to mainstream cultural mores. Celtx is one example- it is convenient and free to use. Super Grandmaster World Cup Adobe Premier is a good option.

It is not also just trimming a film. Try and play with angles when challenged with constraints. It is this support that has given the StreeHinsaMuktBharatAbhiyaan tremendous momentum and encouraged many to work towards addressing Gender-Based Violence in our society.


This can help to eliminate many myths and misconceptions that individuals have related to sex, sexuality, gender including sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Celtx is one example- it is convenient and free to use. The GlobalGagRule may have lead to a potential funding loss to supp Start a new discussions. If your camera sense is strong, and you have a fairly decent understanding of light, you could shoot your own film. Pages Liked by This Page. Now in its 23rd year, Young Package is open for entries for the international design competition in packaging desig Submissions open on February 15, Try and make your characters as interesting as possible.

While the art and science of cinematography is complex and can take time to master, when starting out one will do well to look at available media and see the different types of shots employed. Also, with small budget films you may shirt have the luxury to clean these unwanted sounds in the post-production sound labs.


Here are glimpses from the programme launch on Monday, 4th February Sections of this page. Sections drsihtikon this page. The GlobalGagRule may have lead to a potential funding loss to supp Shots and angles help make a film dynamic. The first poem I performed was ” The Legal Rapist” which throws light on the issue of marital rape. Scenes help move the plot forward.

Deadline hours, 30th of April, Vikrant Pande shared Homie ‘s photo. A space to express themselves and make their voices and opinions heard through the audio-visual medium. Choose shots that will best tell your story.

This is why any filmmaker who thinks like an editor has the advantage of never overshooting. We also try and spread as much awareness through our art by reciting poems on various social issues.

Its headquarters is based in Mumbai. It is generally agreed to have an establishing wide shot before moving to a closer shot.

One of the first things that you drihstikon do is decide whether you want to make a narrative fiction film or a non-fiction documentary. Most of the films I direct are character driven and I guess that is a result of keen observation and understanding. If you are still apprehensive, the following links should calm you and get you roaring to go towards making your short film- http: Abortion a Women and post abortion care b Access to abortion — girls and women c Preventing unsafe abortion FPA India encourages youth 15 to 24 years to submit films shodt these subjects, in both narrative and documentary formats.

YouTube link of the short film Subject Name: Family Planning Association of India FPA India is a civil society organization that provides comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information and services to over 30 million people, making sexual and reproductive health SRH care easily accessible to those who are in need, viz. Its headquarters is based in Mumbai.


This is where production managers and runners come into play. My first objective was that spoken word poetry or being a performance poet should become a legit career option. Today with digital cameras and smartphones, making a short film is easier than ever. Once you are done with your script, you get down to shooting. Filn loved the vibe of that place and the poets. Adobe Premier is a good option. Today, short films have become an ideal way to allow the general populace a window, an opportunity to glimpse a tale in a short and comprehensive form.

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drishtilon Take out your mobile phones and start shooting. Even if you are planning a documentary, it is always wise to have a basic outline of a script. Pages Liked by This Page.

One day, I attended an open mic poetry session and also performed one of the poems i’d written for which I received a lot of appreciation. If you are going the script route, there are several screenwriting softwares out there that can be very helpful. This was the sole driwhtikon for the inception of “UnErase Poetry” For the first two months, i was working on my own with the help of my parents.