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This comprehensive HowTo video shows how easy it is to tile a floor using a unique, fully patented, adhesive spreader that is available for purchase at http://www.diytilingstore.com


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  1. a diy'r is going to have a hard time with this because you have to be constantly bending over. this method will be back breaking. also this straight edge thing is not getting the floor any flatter, you are still following the slab. may be ok on long runs but in smaller type areas, not so much. if you have to change directions, you then have to cut your straight edged down and they aren't cheap. if someone watched a video on the traditional installation process and really thought about it, they would realize this method is just a waste of time

  2. nice explanation…great work…thanks

  3. Looks nice. My concern is that your not back buttering or tapping the tiles down for better adhesion.
    I bet that if you pry off one of your tiles ,after about 2 weeks, the tile will pop off really easy.

  4. I wish I'd have seen this video a couple hours earlier. Just did my bathroom and the straightedge info alone would've been great to have been informed. DOH!

  5. هل يوجد ترجمة عربية حتى يمكن الإستفادة

  6. onde adquerir esta ferramenta aqui no brasil

  7. Cómo se llama esa herramienta que esparse la mescla y donde la consigo ??

  8. hay I just got my spreader in the mail I can't wait until tomorrow to use it I think it will help me a lot thank you

  9. this video, amptly demonstrates why I as a tiler, expect to be employed for several years more.

  10. really nice work. greetings from Slovakia

  11. Yoy better use also kneepads,….don't I know, why!!!=)

  12. Except the fact that you're not keying in the thinset to the tile or floor.

  13. I have a 42" rake that I use it's fantastic!

  14. what are those 2 plates called which the spreader is made of again?

  15. how come i can't purchase at the website you provided?

  16. is this suitable for any size of tiles like 300 by 600
    The super spread come in different in size 5mm to 12mm teeths

  17. is this video from the 70's ?

    because we now key the thinset intp the substrate and also back-butter the tile.
    ohh and dont forget to use a rubber mallet to help set the tile in the thinset.

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