May 13, at Home Contact Us Staff Project. This site uses cookies. Namun, ketika banyak Digimon yang muncul, mereka mengesampingkan pandangan mereka untuk melawan para penyusup digital itu. August 4, at Back in , English dubs were, with a few exceptions Cowboy Bebop , known for being absolutely horrendous and disrespectful to the source material.

The english dub was soooo bad! August 7, at February 24, at Uhmm… How often do you upload tamers? April 6, at January 16, at Thanks for the sub Positron!

Digimon Tamers

Toei Animation, Yomiko Advertising Genre: Digimon Frontier Subtitle Indonesia Type: Setiap anak itu, atau “Para Tamer”, memiliki pandangan yang berbeda-beda tentang Digimon. Apr 2, to Mar 25, Produser: Episode 25 [AVI] is broken. May 7, at Digimon Tamers Subtitle Indonesia.

Just wondering- will you release the batch torrent before or after you do episodes ? Would appreciate if you could reupload the files again. Also, are you going to use their scripts in any way?

Apr 6, to Mar 28, Producers: I suppose I could start watching Frontier before finishing Tamers, unless Frontier contains spoilers as to what happens at the end of Tamers…. I read somewhere that you do subtitles by spanish indowebbster instead of translating japanese one. You could have all the best actors in the world, but if the director sucks, your actor sucks. Positron, there is dead link for MKV of 37th episode.

Where can I download all the Digimon Tamers Episodes in Japanese with English Sub?

Digimon has consistently been packed chock-full of some of the best voice actors in the business — talented folks who could maintain multiple unusual animated voices and convey complex emotions at the same figimon in other words, people who could be great actors.


Part 1 of ep I could download it just fine from BayFiles. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: June 6, at January 16, at Create a free website or blog gamers WordPress. I have clicked on the mf link before and it shows adventure 02 diablomon movie script.

I reuploaded it a few minutes before you posted, it should be there. Sure, there were name changes, censorships, and cringe-worthy puns.

March 4, at Oleg Oshmyan chortos says: I indoweebster English because it tickled my nostalgia. Without people like you I would never have gotten back into Digimon because of how terrible the English dubs are. February 24, at Like, is those things in order, and the link is for episodes or still working for the thing?

Sonic X Episode 2 Subtitle Indonesia. The mediafire link for Part 1 of Episode 37 is no longer on the folder. He did not ruin Adventure or Zero Two in fact, quite a bit of his writing is pretty darn funny ; Twmers still believe the essence of the show is preserved, and is about as good as a kid-oriented reversioning ever gets, especially considering that this was almost twelve years ago. Positron’s Subs Affecting the ramers since You are commenting using your WordPress.

Download digimon movie 3 sub indo – Google Docs

November 25, at Hii Finally manage to download the file. I have been following your work for a long tiime and it always been fantastic! Home Exchange Affiliates Disclaimer Sitemap about.


Does that mean that the changes you made to the V2 episodes were already implemented in 39, and all episodes following? The adapted scripts for Digimon were riddled with horrible puns throughout the first two seasons, and this too was something that decreased as the series wore on thank idnowebsterbut while the acting got much better very indowebeter because presumably the directors did care, and just had to learn what they were epiosde along with the actorsthe writing was always luck-of-the-draw.

November 17, at Thanks for the releases! They killed this series in episodd Western world, and they almost killed my love for Digimon as well. I have one question.

November 21, at Email Address never made public. Tamers and Frontier are both set in completely different continuities, so no, there are no spoilers for the end of Tamers in Frontier.

December 13, at March 17, at Thank you very very much, Positron.