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DeWalt New Tools

When I was in construction I used DeWalt tools so recently I stopped at a De Walt tool demonstration and even though I don’t use the tools any more I still like seeing what’s new.


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  1. Hey!!! I have an idea!!!! Lets make a new system! We'll call it "20Volt MAX" (which really is still 18 volt nominal) and in the process We'll SCREW all our old customers and slowly force them to switch over to this new system!!  Please note how the sales rep and customer are talking very positively about 18Lio and 18V Nimh being interchangeable….try to find a Lio posted 18 volt cell.  and then if you do find one.. see how much they cost you.. Too many dirty tricks Dewalt Aholes!!…So, having just replaced (begrudgingly)all my "old" 18 volt tools with the new 18 volt system err I mean 20 voltMAX (as in maximum….), I chose to purchase The Home Depot's 5 tool kit. The trim saw was different than the one illustrated on the box and on display display in the store.. More dirty tricks.. But hey we can get out of responsibility by simply writing on the packaging in very fine print:  "products may differ from that pictured" Fuck you Dewalt. that was the last straw.  I'm considering talking to whole shkit back and getting something other than dewalt. I guess these sorts of tactics are okay… Right?  so Long as you profit and not too many people speak out.. I wish everyone would stand up to corporate BS like this and put ALL you douchebags out of business!  Your behaviour and dirty tricks are unacceptable. You would have had a client for life but you chose to screw me and a million plus others in the very same manner… FUCK YOU

  2. everybody knows makita's better

  3. Its cool that Dewalt is still thinking about the past products to work with the new products. Less waste. Thanks for posting.

  4. how do you charge the battery , 1) as soon as it looses power ? or 2) let them drain all the way dead, then plug in to charge ? which one is the right way

  5. @doppydufus hahaha your funny and yes you would know how to spell pedo since your on the register anyway bye now

  6. @doppydufus ….ok ……. your 50+ ….. dont try and groom me you paedophile ……. youtubers beware out there

  7. @doppydufus Lol you reply to a comment made a year ago whos the twit, twit lol get a life punk

  8. I have owned and used many types of power tools in my long career as a self employed jobber tradesman but the Dewalt Nano 28 volt range are the best money can buy. I wouldn't bother using anything else now. The batteries seem to last forever and never seem short of power to get the toughest of jobs done. Simply brilliant.

  9. Tenho uma merda dessas e não vale nada

  10. Bosch is better 100% their hammers are really really extraordinaries

  11. hilti sounds like a ugly german broad dewalt is king i tried them all but dewalt is the best and it's owned by black and decker since 1960 not stanley they are owned by black and decker too.

  12. just bought that dewalt plunge saw and rail and well pleased with it….

  13. I would buy hilti but those jerk hilti reps at homedepot always try to get in my face and try to get me to put back what I just put in my cart and buy a crappy hilti instead. Hilti is garbage, they only charge so much because they have to pay those asshole reps to sucker people into buying their garbage.

  14. Shit that saw is a pale copy of the festool stuff.

  15. i've had de walt 18v drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw and grinder for 8 years – worked hard, fallen from roofs and attics. Still work, still strong. No complaints

  16. HILTI all the way if you want tools that outperform!!!

  17. I realy like the new porter cable I bought the impact driver,hammerdrill and cordless circular saw and it's just as powerful as dewalt or makita my brother own's the makita and my porter cable blew them away in power and speed I didn't go up against dewalt but believe me just as powerful for half the price well made nice tool's.

  18. I loved the part were he says 800 charging cycles for the 18 volt battery. I have never seen those things last two years charging them three times a week before they were complete junk.

  19. dewalt is the best tool brand .. by far better than makita and bosch …never been disappointed with dewalt tools hilti are good tools ..right but soooo expensive .. I like that track saw but it is expensive .. I manage to do about the same thing but with a regular 7 1/4 circular saw

  20. Dewalt is great for Mr. Homeowner but will never equal Hilti performance

  21. dewalt is cool but i cant help hearing bla bla bla sell sell boring

  22. I love dewalt. They are the best at what they do. You should look at their 36V cordless items, it owns.

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