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DEWALT Hand Tools — A Whole New Tough

Over the years, DEWALT has earned your trust because of its proven durability and game-changing innovation. Now, we’ve put that durability into a complete line of DEWALT hand tools that were born on the jobsite with pros like you in mind. So when there’s a tough job to get done, rely on the trusted name that’s backed by a limited warranty. Rely on DEWALT.



  1. not a dewalt fan but those hammers are great….

  2. Isn't it a coincidence that Stanley buy Black & decker from Dewalt and at the same time Dewalt start making hand tools and Stanley start making power tools? i think they must made a deal with each other

  3. Sorry but the snap off dewalt knife sucks!

  4. I love their hammers i owe both of them and they are the only ones I use from now on simply the best in my opinion.

  5. are you working with Stanley Tools on these designs,as i have the fatmax knife which looks just like your folding knife in the video 🙂 Damn…..Can't wait to start filling my toolbox with the DeWalt range of tools. Just got myself a new Cordless drill Combi….The new 18volt li-ion DCD785,Friggin Amazing,The best drill i have ever purchased yet.

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