Nandini got angry and warned rahul to leav her hand and not try to convince he If he wants to go to Concert he should go. Rajveer sits and talks with Jeena. And I must thank my mother for that, who has been an artist. Reporters asks her what is more important to him than to give tribute to a Martyr and they say that he disappointed them. We need a wholesome change as soon as possible.

She tries a lot to not tell anything to Rajveer, but in end she has to tell him the truth as he threatens to tell everything to Nandini. Abhay tells her he warned GD twice about threats but she ignored. Nandini asks her what is stopping him. Rajveer says he has NP infact he wants to do something for her. She tells him no to go. She walks there thinking about what happened.

Nandini orders him to give her updates about Rajveer. Sujata also denied that her character look has been influenced by any political leader of the day. Uttaran 6th January Written Episode Update.

She says she salutes him and wishes every mother should raise their son like him. Nandini enquires Abhay about the shooter. They taunt each other. Rajveer tells his mom that he will go to inauguration of statue. Abhay asks her what if Akansha is not ready to take that ddsh.

Later, Nandini questions Gayatri. Episode start with…Nandini goes to see Rajvir in room where he shifted from ICU… Rajvir is unconsious… Nandini cring and speaks to him … she says that how can anyone can do anything wrong with such a nice human being … she further says that the merriage for him may be just a political stratergy compromise but for her its the biggest truth of her l Rajveer says he has NP infact he wants to do something for her.


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Abhay says it was just his job and he had no other option. At the rally, Rajveer is on the stage. Welcome, Login to your account. Nandini convinces him to go to concert. GD is doing it for his father and she will do it for him. Nandini goes to him and says there is something wrong for sure. She asks him to tell it to her. Gayatri says she had no other option and now at least she made sure Rajveer will be quiet for 4 days.

Dadi explains her how much he loves music,how he was not interested in politics as he wants to be a musician. He has tears in his eyes.

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Gayatri says they keep getting such threats. He did whatever he wanted, now she will decide what needs to be done. Gd tells him she will take care of those things. Amazing, I must say. If only he knew about his mom. Dadi asks then who. Rajveer was about to tell all truth, but Gayatri stops him and says Nandini said she has an answer so let her answer. Dadi feels happy that Rajveer started playing piano again. Nandini says she will try to forgive him, Rajveer comes to her and slaps her.


Rajveer leaves and Abhay enters.

Rajveer asks Nandini why did she came back. Dadi tells her that he is struggling as a politician. Fan of the Week. But he tells her that if he knew all that, then he would have never let this happen. Like 0 Dislike 0. Sign in Recover your password.

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Jeena and her friend laugh. Rajveer loses his cool and gets mad her and walks out of the car. But thankfully we have hit off so well off-screen that it makes thing very easy for us. Abhay says idea was his, but this was done for Gayatri to keep Nandini away from Rajveer.

Rajveer and Nandini leave. Nandini is going to her room and meets Rajveer. And now to add heti more masala, the creatives have planned to bring in some suicide scenes.