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Debbe Dunning on Home Improvement

Debbe’s first appearence in Season 2 as Kiki Von Fursterwallenscheinlaw.


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  1. I don't think I've ever seen a dress that hot

  2. I love when he grabs that guy's hand when he goes to pickup his napkin.

  3. @Bombenbatz
    He always did that silly grunt on "Tool Time," so she asked him to do the grunt for her.

  4. And this fine woman is going to be 45 this coming July?? She looks more like a 25 yr old!! Beautiful & Very Classy Sexy Woman! And I mean this from videos I've seen of her just in the last yr too!!

  5. I remember thinking this random girl was so hot when this episode first aired, so I was so glad when a short time later she came back, and this time played a regular character for the rest of the show's run. Debbe Dunning is a knock-out.

  6. Yep, deb was a total knock out in her day.

  7. Pat's hot, but I gotta stick with Debbe.

  8. Debbe ist eine der wenigen Frauen, bei denen diese Oberweite wirklich klasse aussieht, und nicht billig!!!

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