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Dark Secrets The Cast Of Home Improvement Tried To Hide

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Very few shows are as synonymous with the ’90s as Home Improvement. The hit sitcom put Tim Allen on the map and had magazine cutouts of Jonathan Taylor Thomas taped to millions of bedroom walls. The show won audiences over week after week with its family-friendly depiction of the power tool-obsessed Tim Taylor trying to raise three rambunctious boys with his no-nonsense wife. But behind the scenes, there were still some pretty dark secrets. Here’s what you might not know about the cast of Home Improvement…

Behind bars | 0:33
Bad dad | 1:47
Regretful exit | 3:00
Child star syndrome | 3:44
Bad for business | 5:08
Ripoff or reboot? | 5:39
A reunion? | 6:17

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  1. What was your favorite 'Home Improvement' moment? Or did you like 'Last Man Standing' better?

  2. I loved Home Improvement while growing up, although I had to watch the reruns as I was only 4 months old when it first aired. I now own all 8 seasons but I don't really like season 8, may have something to do wit Randy being my favourite character.

  3. Of course, most of us already knew about the drug problems before this was made for you tube. Not really sure that needed to dredged up again.

  4. The first 3 seasons of Home Improvement were hilarious. I have seen Last Man a few times and I wish the writing was better because I have always really like Nancy Travis. I didn't realize it had been cancelled though. And I'm just wondering why at the end of this video it says it's " controversial" cancellation? Just curious.

  5. OK. Watched this. Now, where are the dark secrets??!!

  6. I wish a tank just rolled over home improvements home on the first episode… and the show's main character is the tank driver.

  7. Cross the leads on that capacitor there and tell me it needs more power..

  8. what? last man standing canceled? goddammit!

  9. The reason why Allen was so mad at JTT leaving was because JTT said he was leaving to focus on school, but in reality he went off and made a bunch of movies that failed (Ill be home for christmas). That's why Tim was so confused and upset. He left them for "school" but in reality tried to become a film star. FLOP.

  10. I have to say AA has a blatantly religious agenda in that it forces people to accept a higher power.
    court mandating it constitutes a violation of church state separation.

  11. You forgot to mention that Richard Karn hosted "Family Feud" for a couple seasons.

  12. Ugh? I thought you said secrets? It's not much of a secret if everybody knew this already.

  13. 5.00, ONLY worth 1.5 million? He got double screwed.

  14. This is just dirty. But in my opinion it serves Allen well. He seems to be a guy who listens and try to avoid the pitfalls and improve his life.

  15. The wife in the show was constantly putting him down, even physically abusing him. He worked to support the family so she could go to college to get a degree in psychology.

  16. Ugh. The first part is completely irrelevant.

  17. Old "smells like dead fish" Richardson is a real skank.

  18. bwhahahah tim was a drug dealer that ratted out his friends ? hahahahahhahaha

  19. Valley Videos and now Last Man Standing is cancelled because of supposed behind the scenes drama.
    Doubt that a Home Improvement 2 would be right without the original cast as far as I can JTT is more interested in the behind the scenes stuff and even directed some of the Last Man episodes, like the video said the youngest kid from Home Improvement got into legal trouble also the guy who played Wilson died, so those are a couple reasons why it wouldn't work.
    It's not like Full House where most of the cast wants to be part of you know except for the Olsen twins but that's one character versus most of the cast

  20. Turning down 25 million dollars — you gotta have some friction there.

  21. I worked with a child actor who was cast with him on that santa movie. She and her mother were freaked out because he was nasty and swore constantly at the children as well as adults on set. Not a nice man. Cocaine is a terrible drug but that is no excuse.

  22. I liked Tim knowing he was an ex-con. I appreciated he did his time and moved on, given that second chance and became successful. This says he was a SNITCH though. No love for him now.

  23. What I heard was that Allen Dick, the Jewish drug dealer from Michigan who is known as Tim Allen, rated out over twenty other people to try to get his sentence reduced. He's total scum. He set everyone else up.

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