It’s hard to even explain why, there’s just something off about them. Or… something more sinister could- CVoyage: Interview with Rick Remender. Slice of Life, Comedy. Younger generation won’t understand it. Who has a problem? Consistently OK, easy to watch, and all the characters were good.

Both Saya and Hotaru were wonderful girls. When can I start? It seems pretty good, i will continue to watch it. Because… that girl is a treasure. Get back here and adore us! This doesn’t take away that this was an enjoyable anime where you could just sit back and relax after a hard day of not working. He skipped so many funny chapters with main duo and Yoh. I loved the slice of life atmosphere that often mingled with the comedy, especially whenever we saw Saya and Coconuts as kids.

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: This episode gave me more than I ever wanted to know, and Rddit love it. That image makes Hotaru look badass.

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And Tatsuhisa Suzuki’s in reddig, so I’ll automatically have a immediate favorite. I’m gonna go with 7. Surprisingly I don’t dislike either of the heroines, even if one of them is my most hated anime trope. Join the MSP Club for an in-depth look at score progressions and other stats of currently airing anime. I can stop whenever I- CVoyage: Here is complete list of daagshi chapters, maybe scanlations were reactivate someday: Most Popular The void: However, that’s not the case with this series, unfortunately.

That is gonna be fun.

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The first episode of the new season opened with a view of the Shikada Snacks Shop in disrepair after Kokonotsu’s YouTuber father, You, ran off and left everything to his son’s care. Didn’t have a lot of expectations going into this, but I was pleasantly surprised. The eyes in this anime isn’t good. Moreover, she has a vested interest in getting Coconuts to see things her way. I’d love if we got more, but I heard this flopped sales wise in Japan so that seems unlikely.


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Oh and can’t forget about Saya’s bro as well. I read three chapter of the manga before, and i can say that the adapted for now is very good. ChiBKeyFeb 27, Well, overall, the show was enjoyable. This episode was pretty funny. Feb 27, The finale was alright, reddot a lot bunch of laughs and gimmicky dialogues. The voice acting’s good too. Interview with Rick Remender.

Not yet, but Virtual Youtuber Kizuna Ai is now a government employee! Do you play Azure Lane? A brand new season has begun, and Kokonotsu, the Endo Twins, as well as the viewers, can expect to learn more about Japanese sweets and snacks on the second season of the short-form comedy anime episoe, “Dagashi Kashi.

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This is what I’m calling a perfect art and animation. The Anxiety of Alma Dagashu I guess it was kind of refreshing to not hear about junk food for these two episodes. I loved the slice of life atmosphere that often mingled with the comedy, especially whenever we saw Saya and Coconuts as kids. Narration nice, ditto the characters, my main goal was originally discover Okashi, because here it is spoken, but now I want to better know the characters, I hope there is an opportunity.


I can tell that this manga is probably a 4-koma one as its build up similar to Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun proof me wrong if otherewise.

That is not the look of a happy Saya. How did I not see this before The anime was fine in my opinion. Search titles only Posted by Member: I’m so gonna miss this.

There was never much to her. Especially Hotaru, is so funny, daagashi like very much the crazy one! She disappears and reappears without notice.

Apr 1, The Next Big Shonen? Wanted more episode though,Oerall was an enjoyable anime, learnt a lot about japanese sweets through this show xD Lets hope it gets a season 2. Some hit or miss moments, but overall pretty enjoyable. dagasih

Hotaru is really funny and Saya is just lovable. Even the purple hair would help her blend in with the night sky like old ninja wearing blue, not black. He will probably be the reason I will drop this in the future. Overall the episode was pretty fun. Didn’t feel too much sympathy for tsundere-chan though.