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Construction technologies that are so cool [ Innovations in construction world 2017 ]

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    Cool Construction technologies

New innovative ideas that are shifting the future of construction around the world

Dyna Road

Dynaroad 5 is a revolutionary software developed in Europe that allows you plan, down to the cubic metre, exactlyhow much material needs to be moved in a mass haul plan. The accuracy of the tool, means millions saved by contractors when tendering jobs, efficinet use of plant on site and better day-to-day management of productivity during construction.

Kinetic Roads

The electro-kinetic road ramp was developed by UK Highway Energy System and generates electricity when a car drived over a ramp panel, which is redeveloped to power things like lighting, singage and road heaaters in the UK.

  1. Driverless Dozers

Komatu Ltd unveiled the D61EXi/PXi-23 medium- sized driverless bulldozer which features the wordl’s first fully remote auto-blade control at bauma 2013, an international trade fair for construction equipment in Munich, Germany on april 2016.

Brick Laying Robots

A robotic bricklaying machine called Hydrian, is being developed in Perth, which could potentially build the brick shell of a house within 2 days.

5.Tunnel Boring Machines

A tunnel boring machine, also known as a “mole”, is an enormous machine used to dig tunnels through large land masses. The world’s biggest tunnel boring machine, Bertha has a 17.4 metre diameter. smaller versions are used for micro-tunneling too. they can bore through anything from hardrock to sand.

6.Dynamic lines

Road deck markings can be flexibly adjusted, to show a continuos line or a dotted line. Dynamic traffic control, adjustable depending on the situation. Dynamic lines contribute to capacity management.

Laser surveying systems

Laser levels point or rotate to creta a reference point, line, or plane, and are used in cnstruction to determine annd set the elevations of construction elements. Laser levels facilitate accurate and fast level operations over a wide area.

Glowing lines

Glow-in-the-dark lining absorbs energy during the day and glows in the dark. The lining emits light for as long as ten hours. A safe and sustainable alternative to conventional lighting for dark roads.

Unpiloted Aerial Systerms (UAS)

Fixed-wing aerial system provides the quickest and simplest path for geospatial professional to bring aerial photogrammetry in-house, sites can be surveyed from birds-eye view, so managers can spot holes in machine productivity, issues with design, materials or geography in real-time.

Solar Roads

Solar roadways incorporated is a startup company based in Sandpoint, Idaho. that is developing solar powered road panels to form a smart highway. Their technology combines a transparent driving surface with underlying solar cells, electronics and sensors to act as a solar array with programmable capability. These road panels will be made from recycled materials and incorporate photovoltaic cells.

Self-healing concrete

Henk Jonkers, a Microbiologist who works at the Delft university of Technology in the Netherlands has created self-healing concrete. he embeds the concrete with capsules of limestone-producing bacteria along with calium lactate. when the concrete cracks, air and moisture along with bacteria to begin munching on calcium lactate. they convert the calcium lactate to calcite, an ingredient in limestone, thus sealing off the cracks.

Tunnel Inspection Robots
The ROBINSPECT project is aiming to provide an automated robotic system that in one pass will provide speedy and reliable tunnel inspection and structural assessment.

3D Concrete Printing of Buildings

Concrete printing process developed at Loughborough University in thr UK is capable of producing building components with a degree og customisation that has not yet been seem. It could create a new era of architecture that is adapted to the environement and fully integrated with engineeirng function. other companies in china has developed a way 3D print whole houses, speeding up their construction to as little as 3 days.

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