Commute update makes a triumphant return to the five stars before a sleepy Matt and Dave get re-energized by an excellent episode of Ohranger! Wherein Dave Calls It. This is a doozy. They review a poorly chosen five stars segment and share a fifteen year old story about the time Dave Jay played Rico in a dance production of Yuuuup, that title sure says “underwear. Pow Pow Power Rangers. Dave remembers what sleep feels like, Matt remembers what spring feels like, and an evil robot gets sneakily swapped in for a good robot!

Or stream, I guess. Listeners also subscribed to. Pow Pow Power Rangers. This episode features a kooky mad scientist, a very hungry monster, and a new bazooka weapon! All these questions and more will be answered in this Babies about as Dave gives a Baby Watch update before we watch an episode all about babies!

I watched the episode and edited the podcast, and I’m still not sure I understand what is going on. Babies about as Dave gives a Baby Watch update before we watch an episode all about babies!

All these questions and more will be answered in this Welcome back to Chouriku

Chouriki Sentai Ohranger Episode 18 – Watch or Download |

To listen to an audio podcast, mouse over the title and click Play. This one is a trip, you guys. The Refrigerator of Love. It might be a little bit of a recycled plot thread, but this episode of Kakuranger still turns up the HEAT.

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Welcome back to the Creature Royale! But in this week’s episode Who is the American Ninja?


Pow Pow Power Rangers. Matt Jay and Producer Mark discuss the Olympics, pianos, and Axis and Allies before getting into the third episode of Liveman, which continues to be very good and very intense.

Super Sentai Brothers – License to Carranger

In this week’s episode, Matt and Dave are witnesses as a major event goes down in Cleveland. Wherein Things get Quite Weird.

In this week’s episode, Matt and Dave talk more Fallout 4, offer some spoiler free thoughts on Civil War, and then get swntai a very interesting episode of Jetman. The Strange White Bird.

Hey, there’s an ancient robot from the time before the continents split who grants wishes. In this week’s episode, Matt and Dave talk shop and by “shop” I mean Cleveland sports and the new Voltron show before getting into a Anecdotal evidence suggests he has! In this week’s episode, the Jetmen are stunned by defeat in hand to hand combat – and also in golf and Well, in a manner of speaking Wherein Love is Lost. In this week’s episode, Matt and Dave take you on a mini-jaunt through their weekend before digging into a disjointed but fun episode of Jetman.

And the Kakurangers continue rocketing towards the dhouriki stretch of the season as we round into the final fifteen episodes! Tune in this week to hear how folks from other worlds say hello to women.


In this week’s episode, the guys watch the last of Kakuranger and find themselves surprised by the message it brings. Wherein Kaku is Jerks. There’s also a quick Baby Watch before Matt and Dave break down a hard to digest episode of Ohranger. What is the strangest slogan a Virginian Winery might use? Did you think last week’s episode was raw?

In this week’s episode, Dave experiences a very long work week while Matt experiences existential discomfort on behalf of a middle aged Elvis impersonator! It’ll be a surprise for all of us, alright?

In Which the Coin Lands. Wherein Dave’s Dreams are Met and Dashed.

The weather is weird and some football game is happening. Okay, look, I edited this show a day or two ago, and I forget what the five stars were about this week.

Chouriki Sentai Ohranger Episode 18

Come for the Force, stay for the Jets. Click I Have iTunes to open wentai now. Please, please ignore the title of this episode. For anyone who watched morning television in the 90’s or who enjoys vintage foreign TV, and who enjoys viewing a well-executed episode of MST: