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Events and Adventures Washington D.C

Events and Adventures , America’s fastest growing singles club spent the entire month entertaining singles just like you in the Washington D.C. area by hosting a wide variety of events, activities, outings and even a movie screening at the Kennedy Center. Did your own social calendar compare to ours? Look …

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How to Get Lecterns

A lectern is a not just a simple furniture. It is an accessory to the presentation. It is created to increase and direct concentration on the presenter and his position on phase. It is, thus, essential to make positive the podium is not far too higher up in which the …

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How Anxiety Affects Life

This article does not intend to give advice on how to diagnose or cure anxiety disorders. The intent is to offer information that will hopefully provide a better understanding of people who suffer from general anxiety disorder (GAD). In reading this article, you will learn how anxiety affects a person’s …

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Energy suckers

Do you sometimes wonder why you feel drained after a few people, while the energy when you feel with others? Some people are energy vampires, and actually drain energy. How do they do that? What can you do to avoid this? WAYS PEOPLE DRAIN ENERGY Sometimes, as people drain energy …

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Why Gratitude Works

We all have goals that we want to achieve in our lives.  There is one route that will help you to achieve them faster and easier and that is gratitude.  This concept is so important to our goal achievement that Wallace Wattles in his book, “The Science of Getting Rich” …

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Best Entry Level Telecommuting Jobs

There are many telecommuting jobs available in the area of telephone customer service. Compared to many positions, they are easier to get, because many of them provide on-the-job-training and require little experience. Most of theses companies offer flexible hours, and usually require between a twelve and forty hour workweek. Some …

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