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Brad gets caught with weed on Home Improvement

From S7 Ep16 ‘What a Drag’.
Jill and Tim rap with Brad about the hazards of drugs.

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  1. Jason Wade from Lifehouse looks like Tim Allen.

  2. anti weed propaganda at its finest

  3. That bitch be hot fire patty yo I bed in the trap you don't know my slang

  4. Teenagers…..we've ALL been through that

  5. Horrible how parents want to punish kids for weed but not for drinking the kool aid and getting all drunk. I support his decision to smoke weed as it is safer than alcohol

  6. Weed at a party, Pot-Luck would be a good name for it.

  7. Remember everybody…back then tim was a drug trafficker …

  8. The mother always looked like she is a horrible alcoholic.

  9. I can't tell if this is an oversight of the authors or a veiled middle finger to the DARE people. And yes, Cracked brought me here.

  10. "Don't turn this around, I used to be a fucking coke head!"

  11. big deel me i can smoke more of pot than him

  12. Yeah cuz every time i get high i get this urge to drive

  13. tim allen had a lot of balls to do this scene, considering that he was a coke dealer who narced on his friends

  14. Kek. Cracked is going to get this dude so much ad money

  15. I wonder if anyone has ever held someones weed for them

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