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Bosch Blue Innovation Summit 2016 – Bosch Power Tools relies on networking

Live stream from May 31st – On May 31st , around 100 professional users attended on the User Day of the Bosch Blue Innovation Summit 2016 in Frankfurt/Main (Germany).This event shows Bosch Power Tools pioneering work in networking, to facilitate the daily work of professionals and increase the productivity and efficiency of each craftsman. In order to meet the high demands in design and execution for the construction industry and craft enterprises, Bosch relies on networking. By combining smartphone and professional power tool via Bluetooth, craftsmen can streamline their workflow and avoid errors, for example with manual transmission of data from measured parameters. In various presentations and demonstrations, the participants were informed on the spot. Bosch continually develops its products for the benefit of the user. From autumn 2016 there are a total of seven new, connectable power tools: a combined laser, two drill drivers and two hammers, an angle grinder and a construction site lighting. Two laser rangefinders and a thermal detector, that make the documentation a lot easier by being connected with mobile devices, are already available.
Those who could not attend, have here the opportunity to watch the live stream about the new connected Bosch Power Tools.
Further information: https://www.bosch-professional.com/gb/en/


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