Sabelhaus said football, which had been the escape he needed to manage those bouts, had become the trigger that caused them. In , Sabelhaus tried again at San Jose State, but, buried on the depth chart, he quit the sport entirely without ever playing a collegiate snap. Overlea High School sophomore wrestler Marcus Chase, a novice who began the year on the Falcons’ junior varsity team before getting called up to the varsity level, was named the U. Sabelhaus, who still has the physique and chiseled jaw of a quarterback, mentioned he had spent some time in Gainesville. All three services would have compiled an extensive dossier on his game and camp performances, and recruitniks would have reviewed his highlights ad nauseum on YouTube and drawn their own conclusions. The experiment was a disaster.

Or we could never go into production. At the time, Village Roadshow was producing Ocean’s Eleven. When Variety posted the story on its site June 30, , it felt nothing like that day in when Sabelhaus and his high school teammates flipped through the pages of SuperPrep. Most of them, Sabelhaus reasons, will not make the NFL, and some players are going to take that very hard. And it’s great to be able to get it out there. February 15 by Luke Jackson. Not long after the Gators began preseason camp, Sabelhaus realized Spurrier wanted him to alter his motion.

He mentioned to one of his father’s friends that he had considered trying movies, and the man mentioned he had a friend named Alan Horn whom Sabelhaus should meet if he movifs decide to try Hollywood. Sabelhaus remembers one thought echoing through his mind. He’s the bane of my existence.

By that point in spring practice, Sabelhaus worried so much about throwing a spiral that he couldn’t concentrate on which receivers ran which routes. My wife and I still talk about it sometimes in the kitchen at night – but it was an even bigger disappointment for Bobby. As he sat with his eyes shut tight, Sabelhaus listened to the student drone.


Hot Clicks, viral videos, pop culture and more. Donner was impressed with Sabelhaus, and she hopes he can follow in the footsteps of Donner assistant alumni such as Scott Stuber, who wound up becoming Universal’s vice chairman of worldwide production before mkvies his own production company, and Nina Jacobson, who worked as an executive at Dreamworks, Universal and Disney and who will produce the upcoming Hunger Games trilogy.

Hypnotism felt like the last-ditch effort it was. The second director, Marquis Daisy, didn’t have Baltimore ties, but he did direct the ” for 30″ film “Rand University” on former NFL wide receiver Randy Moss, and he is a basketball aficionado, Sabelhaus said. Sabelhaus also bridges the world between film development and packaging, helping raise development equity, by moviee with producers and filmmakers on projects that have a good chance of going into production.

Then we take it to the studios. He and Spurrier were a lousy fit for one another.

Patron saint of recruiting busts realizing potential in Hollywood

A few months later, Sabelhaus wished he hadn’t gotten so much one-on-one instruction. He had posted solid numbers, and his coach had presented him with a shoebox full of letters from colleges shortly after his junior moveis. Sabelhaus might not have grown into an All-America quarterback, but now he stands on the verge of an equally amazing adventure.

Remove or add teams to and from your list of favorites Teams In Your Area Add more favorite teams from the list below based on your geolocation. After a few practices, coaches suggested he move to tight end.

Producer Bobby Sabelhaus Sits Down with NYFA Screenwriting Students

Guest SpeakersScreenwriting. That’s novies recruiting coverage worked in the mid-’90s. Later, Sabelhaus landed the job that would put him on the path to becoming a producer. In the spring ofGators coaches tried to salvage the quarterback who had arrived in as one of the most hyped recruits in Florida history. Email Address Enter valid email address Password.


Ex-McDonogh QB Sabelhaus finds happiness in Hollywood – Baltimore Sun

Sabelhaus found the name of McDonogh receiver Dwayne Stukes, but he couldn’t find his own name. Sabelhaus worked for Donner on three films, X-Men: Not everyone is going to be zabelhaus Danny Wuerffel. They all grew up together in East Baltimore. When Sabelhaus did move, he cashed in that favor. That’s why you’ve got to have a lot of things going.

But he has no trouble remembering how hard it was to give up football. You may unsubscribe from email communication at anytime. In fact, he cheers for Florida when he sees the Gators on television.

By Andy Staples January 30, The next day we sat on the beach, and he said it was time to give it up. And it’s great to be able to get it out there. To a generation of college football fans, the word Sabelhaus means Bust.

A few moments later, a teammate found it. If Cristo the working title gets made and becomes a hit, Sabelhaus’ name could become as well known in Hollywood as it is in recruiting circles. It showed me he would be confident. The husband had planned to retire to his room to try to find the Florida game on the Web. President Alan Horn on a visit to Los Angeles.

New Password Must be at least 6 characters and contain a number and an uppercase and lowercase letter. Sabelhaus is ranked No. After Sabelhaus left Donner, he teamed up with Zaozirny, whose background is in screenwriting.