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Bathroom Tiling : How to Prepare Bathroom Walls for Tile

Before you can install tile on your bathroom walls the walls themselves must be prepared properly. Find out how to prepare bathroom walls for tile with help from a government contractor in this free video clip.

Expert: Edward Patton
Bio: Edward Patton has a Ph.D. in Physics and Mechanical Engineering.
Filmmaker: Alfredo Rodriguez

Series Description: Adding tiling to your bathroom can be a great way to reinvigorate the room with an all-new look. Learn about bathroom tiling with help from a government contractor in this free video series.


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  1. He left out you still need to water block it and seal your joints! Cement board is label low water absorption not water proof. Tile is also not waterproof therefore you must use a sealant like aquaguard or redguard.

  2. wow, very informative for this novice!! Im starting my tub/shower combo this weekend and now I know what to but first!!

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  4. Very informative, I learned something new , to use roofing felt instead of wire and plaster, much easier. Thanks very much!

  5. Excellent material, Ed, thanks for posting. Would the porcelain/ceramic tile work outside? I am talking about extreme temperature and humidity variations. Sould I rather install cement board than steel lath? Would the tiles hold for many rears of they would fall off? Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the info! You are a good man.

  7. Thanx 4 the info but would b much more helpful if u also showed it how its done

  8. Hi Ed. I really have learned a lot from your videos. I have a short questions. I'm retiling my old 1930's bathroom that already has cement walls, but I took out an old style hamper that was laid between two studs. I purchased 1/4 inch thick cement board. to repair the hole that is left behind. The hole is about 17"x35". Is 1/4 thick enough to then lay fairly light ceramic tile on or do I need 1/2' thick cement board? Can I double up on the 1/4 inch to make it 1/2"?

    Thank you.

  9. so why did you not put that on your floor WOW

  10. It's great that you talked about it, but would be so much better if you showed it being done.

  11. Great Mr Edward, you really helped me

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