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Bathroom Renovation 6.0 | Tiling Walls

We threw ourselves in the deep end with the tiling. We had only done tiling a handful of times and not full walls however I think we did a pretty good job and once we were in the swing of things, it was actually quite fun!

We used Metro Tiles from Topps Tiles and the grouting was Gunmetal Frey by BAL.

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  1. I had no idea you can do tiling yourself! Thank you both 🙂

  2. I'm doing the same tiles in my kitchen 😀 They look beautiful!

  3. You did not waterproof over the cement board?
    The wooden guide block is a great tip!

  4. Looks like you used a rapid set adhesive ? Ceramic tiles you could have used a mapestick ashesive, less muck to clean out better results with grout.. Dont use hot water to clean off adhesive a stanley blade does it, possibly keep a wet sponge handy for cleaning as you go.. great job otherwise

  5. Hope you gave that little camera thief a good slap on the back of her legs with a nice soft feather.

  6. What size of tile did you use? Thanks

  7. you can buy shower pipe spacer plates that fix under your tiles and hold them in place. also, if those tiles were just ceramic (look like it) you could have just used a masonry core bit to drill them. no diamonds required. diamond bits are only needed on quarry or porcelain tiles, and they need plenty of water!

  8. Interesting way of doing the tiling. When I'm doing a bathroom tile job I make sure the bath is plumb and use that to go up level by level rather than scribe in. But I suppose you might not have had a choice. Good work.

  9. I planned to tank the shower end and even had a kit ordered to do that.  In the end with the hardie backer, waterproof adhesive, sealed grout and gloss tiles I didn't use it.  Basically it was a time constraint and I had to get the tiles up on the Saturday and could not leave 24hr for the tanking dry time.  There are lots of products available and I will definitely tank the ensuite which is more of a shower room.  This is predominately a bath so decided against it.  I would say that if you can spare £40-50 it is well worth doing whatever the sub wall.  TRC

  10. Nice work as always!
    Could I ask you your thoughts on tanking the wet areas? I suspect it is taken care of by the aqua panels ?
    I need to do redo my bathroom and got a low budget 🙂 

  11. Nice tile selection and finish. Just wondering why you went with cutting the row around the bath rather than tiling up from, and finishing the vertical end before the end of the bath? I'm currently researching before starting my own reno so not sure of standard practice. Enjoyed your earlier rant video though!

  12. Looking good fella,with some help of course!

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