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Basic tiling for beginners

Tiling the toilet was an interesting job because although it was a small area, it had a lot of intricate corners around the toilet and wash basin. I wasn’t in a rush to do it so I worked a couple of hours per day over a 3 day period.


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  1. @Riaan3108 unfortunately yes! very often floors aren't level, especially in old houses. The bottom tiles could end up being 13 cm on one side of the room and 14 cm on the other side. if you follow the level of the floor your row of tiles won't be horizontal

  2. Mr K. Only question is what have you done to get the bottom tiles to fit. You've dropped the spacing by 2cm, so does that mean you've got to cutt every tile for the bottom level?

  3. wow pops !!! thats great ! now i know how to tile !!! its easy !

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