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Baseboard Popper – Remodeling Construction Tool

Inventions Unlimited presents the Baseboard Popper.

Do you need to do remodeling? Are you a contractor that has a construction business? Well, the Base Board Popper tool is perfect for you.

[Baseboard Popper] is designed as an efficient method to remove baseboard wood from a wall without damaging the drywall. The Base board Popper is equipment that every contractor company should have on hand. It’s fast, easy and effective at removing baseboard from a wall.

Please also see Inventions Unlimited’s – Drywall Popper for removing drywall fast and easy – in large sheets of drywall at one time.
Drywall Popper – https://youtu.be/XSeWIpezXto

Invented by Charles Melanson.

For more information about the Baseboard Popper invention and engineering visit:



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  1. The animation at the beginning shows a completely different technique ….you used your own tool incorrectly

  2. I just checked your store, and apparently this tool is not available for purchase…

  3. Nice that you just have to stoop down just a little and it didn't mar the wall up either.

  4. You were never taught the correct way to remove baseboards in the first place.

  5. You must have cut the caulk and/or paint prior to pulling that base. Otherwise you could have damaged that wall. Nice tool really. But unless one does a lot of that particular job, nobody will buy that tool. I suppose a conscientious hardwood floor guy could use it. I can see that. When I did floors I always removed the base to install new hardwood.

  6. great invention. needs to be out there. marketing. well done

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