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Amazing Drywall Popper – Drywall Removal Invention & Tool

Inventions Unlimited presents the amazing Drywall Popper! Why remove drywall the old way with a hammer or crowbar? The old way of drywall removal takes a long time and increases construction costs. Also, the old way creates a mess and hundreds of drywall pieces that fill up a garbage container adding even more costs to construction. The average time for removing drywall in an average bedroom is about 4-5 hours with 2 workers.

[The Drywall Popper] solves these problems for drywall removal. The Drywall Popper saves time and money for construction jobs or DIY home improvement remodeling projects. The average time for removing drywall in an average bedroom is about 1 hour with 1 worker. Invented by Charles Melanson.

For more information about the Drywall Popper visit:



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  1. Amazing fucken shit head invention thats what I would call it

  2. look how it dents the metal studs lol not good

  3. So what about the drywall you are using as leverage?

  4. Ok, that's a tool that nobody needs, ok

  5. Ive used something similar 9 out of ten for me ! As for damaging the studs ? We are tradesmen

  6. no no no get me a crack head for$40 he will do it all for me what a popping gimmick

  7. No Mexicans were injured in this video for drywall demo? FAKE.

  8. What happens if there is liq. nails or adhesive on the studs….let alone screws properly fastened? Then this tool becomes a big pooper scooper for my great dane.

  9. Can this double as a PALLET POPPER? dismantling pallets?

  10. If you see closely he dented the metal frame

  11. fantastic, thanks for this good tool

  12. Well goddammit Charles I'll be a son of a gun'

  13. this tool is rocket science!!!!and to all the shit bags downing the tool ,keep kicking rocks sons of bitches

  14. The popper hmm?? Get back to work 😤and put that 💩back in the truck !

  15. OK? I don't think so. Smoke another bong and invent something else.

  16. looks like a pretty good garden spade

  17. Hammer it then pull with hands no need for scoring and I manage to get huge pieces off.
    I bet he used a pitch fork one day being lazy then was like hey. This is my invention haha

  18. dumb fuck. you probably took way long scoring it w saws all or dremel.plus it wasn't even screwed on properly idiot. fat fuck

  19. Solution looking for a problem. Just another one-purpose gadget that no contractor will ever buy – the construction world is littered with 1000s of these 'inventions' that went nowhere.

  20. Oki oki oki then oki oki alright oki

  21. and you dont need to score the drywall. sometimes just cut the mesh joint tape if it holds on.. 35 years and you're still removing drywall in little pieces? Whenever someone says "I've been doing this for 35 years", the automatic reply is, "and you've been doing it wrong for 35 years"

  22. ya it works with properly fastened drywall but you don't need the drywall popper. Just put your hammer in the hole but instead of pulling out hard, pull out gently and release about 5-10 times quickly and the screws will work their way through the drywall and the sheet will release

  23. The inventor was sniffing to much poppers on this one.

  24. OK..OK..OK..OK. this guy says okay one more time ….. Bring Back Billy Mays please

  25. Let me install the drywall then tomorrow you bring that tool over and remove that drywall and we will make a movie… If I wanted this tool I would just make one not buy one…

  26. the best tool for this is a sharp spade, end off

  27. now OK just let me tell you this OK I think it's a cool product OK but it don't be saving a lotta time OK and money OK but good work on denting the studs man OK!!

  28. Ok,ok,ok,ok,ok… Ok,ok,ok,ok,ok,ok,ok,ok,ok,ok,

    OK Count: 15 Ok's in under 2.5 Minutes

  29. I too am a contractor and agree with most of the comments.that was not fastened. PS why are you so out of breath with just 20 seconds of removing one unfastened piece of drywall?

  30. i use my head to brake the walls

  31. U can score it an it will still comeout in big peices without that

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