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  2. where i can buy this? & how much?

  3. How and where I buy this machine
    I want this machine

  4. where did you get that it is a nice toolbox

  5. I am from India. Just love this. How can I buy this ?

  6. Seem very dangerous to me. I'd rather let it take a bit longer and accept that I cannot do everything because I don't have the tools rather than losing fingers..

  7. Idea is amazing but the quality is too low

  8. This woodwork plan has really set a new standard in woodwork planning [Link Here==https://plus.google.com/109305854848533008884/posts/KcgzNKE47JS ]. It is one of a kind and the best among equals. So easy to implement and very affordable. You will never get lost using this collection of plans.

  9. I would not trust that thing to stay together while it was being used.

  10. holy shit. Through the whole video I'm screaming, no fucking way! respect to whoever engineer who spend god knows how long to put all this together. just, wow. this is perfect for little home improvements around the house, small jobs.

  11. maybe ok for a all-in-one box for someone who needs to drill a hole or cut a piece of wood every few years.

  12. Dear Hi, Can you Please let me know the price.

  13. there's a lot of movement in the pillar drill

  14. Sir where I can get from? satwinderkumar79@gmail.com plz tell me by mail

  15. where did you get that ,can you please send the description were did you buy this

  16. It's actually a really cool and innovative design, thumbs up to whoever designed it. But that's made irrelevant when it's made out of flimsy bendy plastic. You just turned a fantastic idea into a gimmick that won't last.

  17. It's a pile of shit, my drill broke in just three months, the jigsaw has no pendulum action so it's only good for baking cakes! Good idea but only for a hobbyist

  18. Looks like a transformer… Awesome…

  19. Very amazing .. Please tell me how to get one like her

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