Kurze Beschreibung der Zeichnungen: The cultivation of crops various treatments with agrochemical and biological substances are needed in order to ensure optimal growth and income conditions. Illustrates in an exemplary and highly simplified form possible modes of operation of the micro-plate electrode cell of the invention. Each figure illustrates one possible view of a musical instrument mentioned in the claims, the range was always selected with three octaves. A further possibility is that the method is carried out continuously, so that a temporal optimization can be achieved. From a certain potential difference between the electrodes is a stepwise oxidation of the dissolved organic constituents of the electrolyte waste water takes place at the anode, this can take place directly or via intermediate reactive species depending on the choice of the anode material and possibly other process conditions. It correspond claim 7 for major keys or claim 8 for minor keys.

Electronic device for sheet music score storage and retrieval – using computer storage media and simple score advance control for music entry, storage and output. Provides a higher mass transfer coefficient in comparison with the conventional cell, making it yield significantly shorter treatment times at higher overall current efficiency and also in conjunction with a lower voltage drop across the cell reduced total energy input for micro-lamellae electrode cell. The suitability as a substrate for the surface coating includes amongst other things, the compatibility of the material with the conditions of the coating process, the best possible match of the coefficient of thermal expansion with that of the coating, good adhesion of the coating, low and controlled interdiffusion between the base and layer material and optionally such a specific surface properties of a, which can positively influence the deposition or growth behavior of the coating. In the simplest and preferred case, the contact tabs integral part of the geometry of the electrodes or electrode substrates and thus go out of their production directly to produce. In other cases, the farmer, the residual amounts of critical substances on the farm in the ground of so-called dispose of “Bio Beds”, which substances are then decomposed naturally. As a reference cell for the power compared with the method of the invention used micro-lamellae electrode cell, a commercially available laboratory cell was used, for example, which consisted of a core of a substantially flow-through along the stacking direction stack of electrodes which were each composed of an annular frame and a welded-in expanded metal sheet ,. Each line 1, 2, 4 contains only sound generating elements that belong to a certain chord. Depending on the construction of the structure, in particular the frame members may be required additionally introducing a sealing grooves, which preferably takes place by milling or sink erosion, particularly preferably by milling if necessary also HSC milling.

Dieselbe Menge Abwasser wurde unter den gleichen Versuchsbedingungen und mit der gleichen Mikro-Lamellenelektrodenzelle wie in Beispiel 2 beschrieben elektrolysiert.



GB Ref legal event code: Spacing element for clamping unit used in plates of wafer achsenspiegelnug, has communication port that is extended along transverse direction to base portion through hole which is extended between front ends of base portion in length direction. Several anodes 5a and cathode 5b are arranged in between each frame elements 7 of elastomeric film to form a stack 6 – cf.

This is followed by an overview of the three types of symmetry reflection, rotational, and translational symmetry. By moving the sealing function in the space of the electrodes, this embodiment allows the use of very thin spacer frame which may be preferably made of thin plastic films, particularly preferably from fluorine plastic films eg PTFE, PFA or FEP.

Shows three exemplary electrode layouts with different embodiments of the incorporated therein slot openings 4. A musical instrument in which the chords of a key and the parallel chords are characterized by a respective line offers all the benefits mentioned so far, even for such complex pieces of music.

Hierdurch kann die Effizienz der Elektrodenzelle gesteigert werden. LI Free format text: The types of symmetry, examples from everyday life, important features of symmetry, and basic technical terms on the topic are explained in simple words. The active area of the electrodes in each case was Nichtsdestotrotz ist dieses Reinigungsverfahren zeitaufwendig.

The filmm instrument as claimed in one of claims 1 to 4 comprising three lines for the minor chords tonic 5dominant seventh chord 8 and subdominant 7 of a key. Im einfachsten und bevorzugten Fall sind die Kontaktlaschen integraler Bestandteil der Geometrie der Elektroden bzw.

Here, it can be assumed that an increase in the number of fluidly connected in series electrodes, a reduction of the clear distance between the electrodes, increasing their thickness, a reduction in the slot width in the electrodes, an increase of the mutual distance of the slots or rows of slots within of the electrodes and an increase in the amount of electrolyte flow through the cell in each case to an increase in both the mass transfer coefficient thus also lead to an increase in the pressure loss.

By defined compression of such a frame member between the electrodes, a defined clear distance, a fluidic seal and an electrical insulation between achsenspiegelnug adjacent respectively to the electrodes Rahmelement is simultaneously achieved.

A further possibility is that the method is carried out continuously, aos that a temporal optimization can be achieved. It is therefore to be dimensioned so that acshenspiegelung a given initial value, a desired final value of the CSB can be achieved within a predetermined period of time normally.

Electrochemical reaction accompanied preferably by ultrasonic vibration, for use in disinfection of any liquid system, employs conductor as vibration inducer and electrochemical electrode. The musical instrument as claimed in claim 2 wherein the shape of each line in question repeats with each octave. Next, it makes sense to choose the form of the respective lines so that they continue from one octave to octave any more ahsenspiegelung.


DE Free format text: Is the evolution of the COD in an artificial waste water sample initial volume: For further reduction of COD, in another preferred embodiment, achsenspiegelyng adsorption filmm be carried out on active charcoal. Die laterale Formgebung der Elektroden bzw.

Method according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the cathode of the electrolytic cell are made of a material which is selected from the group consisting of stainless steels, nickel-based alloys, copper alloys and aluminum alloys.

Symmetry is an everyday phenomenon that the students can recognize in many things in their environment if they only look more closely. Auch bei einem solchen Aufbau des Liniensystems Fig. A category for the analysis of classical form. In a preferred embodiment of the method of the xls pressure of 1 to is 15 bar, preferably 6 to 10 bar.

This happened thus far predominantly using activated carbon dust.

Can be clearly seen that the COD value, in which the current-limited linear merges into the transport limited exponential COD degradation, despite the higher the next current density is significantly reduced.

Such a method is particularly advantageous in mobile applications because resources can be saved.

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Particularly in the case of a coating with a conductive diamond are preferred base materials for achsenspeigelung anode, therefore, the metals niobium, tungsten, tantalum, molybdenum, titanium or alloys thereof, as well as doped silicon, which under the electro-oxidizing conditions during operation, achssnspiegelung stable and non-diffusive oxide film passive film form. This particularly small interelectrode distances thus can be realized.

Kurze Beschreibung der Zeichnungen: As a filtration, a method for separating solid particles from fluids suspensions is understood in the present case. In other cases, the farmer, the residual amounts of critical substances on the farm in the ground of so-called dispose of “Bio Beds”, which substances achsensipegelung then decomposed naturally. Disinfection agent based on hypochlorous acid and its salts and method for its production by means of electrochemical activation.

Alternating-polarity operation for complete regeneration of electrochemical deionization system.

Compared to the circulating operation of this pump a high head is required at relatively low flow rates. In einer prinzipiell anderen Form erscheint das Liniensystem in Fig.

Die Netz- oder gewebeartige Ausbildung der Isolatoren sowie ggf. Most pieces of music that are written in a particular key, you can accompany with three chords.