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5 Handy Tool Hacks!

Here are 5 cool tricks and “hacks” for common household tools!
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  1. I don't have hair so this is racist

  2. The one with the magnet on the hammer for the nails could be dangerous if you messed up and you arm hit the nail point

  3. Thank you. I will but the razor to help support your channel.

  4. these are not tool hacks!!! these are goid tool tips.
    A hack would be how to modify or "change" a tool. These are fine tips and tricks. handy yes but I just don't like the ridiculously falsified exaggerated title misuse, serious misuse of the term hack. using a paperclip to keep your money folded in your pocket is a good tip.
    it's not a hack at all.
    it's a good trick or tip.
    the torque wrench tip would be a hack.

  5. To avoid getting cut use Kevlar gloves and strap it to your wrist

  6. 0:30 what if I live in Europe? you know those circular plugs.

  7. 1. I cant. I live in Europe😒
    2. Im Bald. And thats Offensive for me😒 we dont have magnets
    3.dont have one 😀
    4. How can i do it if it got already Rusted 😒
    5. I got an Automatic One 😀

  8. Mf getting payed to say this 🙄

  9. I have another hack, if your into making model railroads or you work with small screws you can use twisers with "flat" ends to old and rotate the screw at the same time so you dont loose it and you can pull it out from tights spaces with is pretty common in model trains

  10. i really need to try the hammertime hack

  11. 0:20 does anyone else see a backwards swastika

  12. how to get as many clicks as possible? 1. view vids that are 2-5 years old, 2. make a new compilation with all these Life Hacks, 3. give it a new name, 4. laugh that this vid is a click-catcher and earn money for nothing

  13. 1:53 i thought i was the only one to come up with that!?!

  14. Use the needle nose to hold small nails for hammering. No need for a comb, and with the needle nose, you have grip strength and nails fit well in the grooves so nails to not move around. Also, just use the normal pliers to hold small or thin screwdrivers. I would imagine if you are working on stuff all of the time, you would have easier access to pliers then nail clippers. Oh, and buy Harrys shaving stuff…

  15. I think we all work with tools everyday

  16. Blue tack works well to hold wires when working with electronics… or gum theoretically, chances are more people walk around with gum than sticky tack.

  17. kipkay is your cat still alive

  18. is he making money from this crap ?

  19. Making YouTube videos is NOT a career, it should only be a hobby at best.

  20. You seem to like your razor a little too much

  21. if you ate that gel stuff your insides would dry up cause they gather moister that's why they are so dangerous. right kipkay?

  22. That silica gel packet hack was very useful… Thanks!

  23. European plugs are round 😛 so much for a screwdriver.'(edit: i'm probably the 100th person telling this,sorry 🙁 )

  24. Great Hacks, but DAYUMMM….the self promoting AD, lasted longer then the hacks you shared.

  25. on the plug screwdriver one,what about in the UK as we use 3 rounded ones rather than the US 2 pointed ones?

  26. Im tempted to buy that to shave my legs cuz bae is german, lmao

  27. I dont live in a inglish contry

  28. ''This world is full of nuts…''
    -Kipkay 2015

  29. He's amazing haha he has the ability to mix Harry's shaving into any video and I never expect it "the most important tool my shaver" smooth kipkay!!

  30. You are not telling how good the shavers are, you are getting paid to say so!

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