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5 Essential Tools for Tiling (Quick Tips) — by Home Repair Tutor

These 5 tile installation tools can make a huge difference.
This video shares some of the ones we like best.

I’m going to cut to the chase, here are the tools

  1. Laser Level (the model number is in the video)
  2. Laser Jamb (to hold the laser level)
  3. SeamClips (for leveling tile)
  4. Horseshoe shims (for even grout joints)
  5. Carpet knife (for cleaning thin-set from grout joints)

Of course there are many other tools that make tiling a shower easier. This wasn’t meant to be an exhaustive list…just a short list of tools that help us.

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Check out the complete written tutorial over on Home Repair Tutor

5 Essential Tools for Tile (QUICK TIPS)

If you need to learn how to waterproof a shower or tub surround check out our videos on KERDI-BOARD

Hope you get some good tips from our videos.



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  1. according to your laser your tile is not level

  2. dude thank you. where do I get the things you used for the spacers

  3. Thanks for all the great videos. I am a fellow Pittsburgher and also a contractor. I dont do a lot of tile but I am trying to expand my horizons. You explain things very clearly and it looks real good. Have a good one brother.

  4. Popsicle sticks work beautifully for cleaning out excess thinset and there is never any concern about cutting through waterproofing membranes or cutting yourself!

  5. You're such a PLEASANT man! Thanks Jeff again! We must think alike. I went out and purchased that exact laser level from Lowe's on a one day sale. Thanks to you, I put in an order for seamclips AND 1/16 " horseshoe spacers for the 24×24 porcelain tiles I'm laying in my own home. Seamclips will be here in a few more days, but gives me plenty of time to do massive prep work in high detail. Thanks again for your awesomeness buddy!

  6. How do you get the clips out?  Do you have to break them?  Thanks for your videos, they are very helpful !!!

  7. I have a quick question, do I have to tile all the way up the wall if I use Regard or some other water resistant item? I want to tile behind a bathtub, but not all the way up the wall.

  8. Is the tile you're using a "rectified" tile?  I read that with a 1/16" grout line that the tile needs to be "rectified" to assure that all the tiles are the same size.  Especially with large format tile.  Standard tile (un-rectified) can vary in size up to 1/16th" and your "grid" become off.  I Love your videos, very helpful and clear.

  9. Great demonstartion. I wish every Youtube presenter could speak as clearly and as well as you.

  10. Where can I get those Tuscan seam clips?

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