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4 Simple Inventions for Construction Workers

4 Simple homemade inventions for construction workers. Good ideas for inventions.


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  1. 2:50 Wery big waste of time. Just use ordinary notched rectangular trowel or whether she's called in English.
    Why don't they put mortar between blocks?

    Keep it simple, stupid. And don't overengineering thing.

  2. laying the tile was borrrriinnggg

  3. fucking gimmick shit you'd see on late night infomercials…

  4. I think the last jig for the brick wall seemed the best and it got all of 5 seconds lamo.

  5. My favourite thing about this video is all the individual protection equipment (hard hats, steel toe boots, etc.). And those flip flops…. 😵😵😵

  6. Glad everybody in the comments are pros and don't need these tools!!

  7. Hope these people aren't paid by the sq ft. Holy shit, they would make $2 an hour after they mastered these toys.

  8. 2:45, no back butter!!! You're fired!!!

  9. They didn't check whether the wall was plumb nor level and the mortar was thin as hell. Will this be one of those stories of a building collapsing?

  10. They are all dressed for the camera not for work. I wouldn't hire or recommend any of these lazy idiots.

  11. are u fucking kidding anybody using the shovel with the fucking string should be fucking embarrassed

  12. This video should read "4 inventions for masons".

  13. I have layed a lot of tile an that thing is a waste of time an money

  14. Poor trades men so have to use tools because of lake of training. = poor standards and poor quality

  15. In the time it takes to set these things up I could get a real mason to complete the whole damm wall. A real pro would not waste their time with these contraptions.

  16. so for the first they don't mortar between blocks?

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