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25 Home improvement ideas #1

This is our 25 home improvement ideas#1
From number 1-12
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  1. How to create wainscoting using frames from a craft store and paint them to match the wall.

  2. Regrout that shower.
    DIY: http://thecouponproject.com/how-to-re-grout-re-caulk-a-shower/
    Caulk tip: http://arlingtonheet.org/2011/04/using-a-caulk-gun-is-simple-right/#.V2sfSzYkrDc
    vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1C2sNBdfrQ
    How to caulk 1:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IKxUgyGVEg
    caulk saver: http://toolguyd.com/new-caulk-savers-bead-stix-finger-savers/

  3. Home repair using peel-and-stick tiles to cover up a leaked-on cabinet bottom.

  4. Give your living room sofa a little perk by re-stuffing the cushions.

5 Hang Mugs and Tea Cups on Hooks

  1. Coat your new kitchen countertop to look like an expensive stone.

  2. Home maintenance by Turning your cheap dining room table into something straight out of a Restoration Hardware catalog.

  3. Make new curtain rods out of copper pipes and fittings.

  4. Replace your boring air grille with sheet metal you can buy at any hardware store (lowes).

  5. Hide your knife rack under the cabinet

  6. Use kitchen cabinets and IKEA butcher block counter tops to fake the look of built-ins.

  7. Turn your blinds into Roman shades.

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  1. like the ideas but very incoherent with its presentation, confusing learn to edit

  2. I love it thisbisbjust what I have been looking for…shor sweet and to the point. We have a sweet home but it lacks some of the elements that I love most and I had been at a list of how to add thowe elements without needing an additional mortgage to pay for them

  3. Don't use bleach to get rid of mold it doesn't actually kill it, use vinegar and water mix

  4. Also, if you want to cover anything, you can always use contact paper if you want something that's easy to change and you don't have to wait for any paint to dry.

  5. Your videos are amazing. Each one of them is inspiring! Some people will have negative comments about the voice-over work, but those of who follow you know your reasoning behind it. Also, I mostly enjoy the cut-ins from other Youtubers. I think itself it's a nice tie-in to the influence of the Youtube crafting community. Keep doing great work, Peggy! You're continually inspiring people to KEEP BEING SELF-EXPRESSIVE AND CREATIVE!!! And that's ever important in today's world. Thumbs up all around!!! 😄😍👍👊🙌👏

  6. Love the video, but the music is too loud. It competes with the gal's voice. Hard to hear.

  7. Giving numbered instructions is not clear and not helpful really. It would be better to have a video showing how you made things one video per idea

  8. LOL … A handy husband with a drill?  I don't need no stinkin' husband to install an knife rack … I'm much handier (and richer) without him.  🙂  I love the directions for the blinds to roman shade conversion. thank you!

  9. Thanks, I love the Roman shade look☺

  10. Very creative. I love the Roman blinds idea.

  11. Love this video. It has inspired me.

  12. where is the video from ? beautiful plants and photo wall in the begining of video

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