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UCL Accommodation Tour – Schafer House

Virunee, a current student at UCL, takes you on a guided tour of her flat in london.

Embarking on a degree is an exciting challenge, and for many students may mean living independently for the first time. You need not be concerned about finding a place to live, as UCL can offer accommodation and advice. UCL Student Accommodation’s aim is to provide agreeable accommodation in a friendly environment at affordable prices.

For more information on UCL accommodation: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/accommodation/


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  1. @StudyUCL I would like to know if you have other accommodation options for young families with one or two young children? I'm thinking about doing my PhD at UCL at some point.

  2. Is accommodation available for second year?

  3. Hi there. I would like to know how many people share the kitchen. Thanx a lot. 

  4. Hi Jack – Schafer House has wi-fi in the Common Room only.

  5. does the accommodation have wi-fi?

  6. £3 for a wash? Wow, inflation has HIT

  7. It's only the The 2nd Law deluxe boxset! 😉

  8. Do I spot a Muse CD? Nice tour!

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