Unless theres something shady about it that I’m missing, I absolutely gotta recommend them for anyone looking for a new site to stream subbed or dubbed anime. If a Post about a certain topic has already been made e. KissAnime submitted 5 months ago by Blortad. Shingeki no kyojin will have an AMV.. Here is a link https: U saw any sports anime: I’ll start with this after I’m done with my exams.

Though I did manage to finish Chiyahafuru. Retrieved August 5, Well, sometimes but letting it load for a bit helps with that and doesn’t buffer anymore throughout the video. I’ll give Angel Beats a shot then. This thread is dying! Nobody should be watching dubbed anime.

That anime is freakin hilarious with all the Yuri jokes not exactly many that kind of Yuri jokes. I second this,anime are in japanese,subbed in english and roman urdu in forums? D good man,and its romantic too. Is anyone watching Attack on Titan?

An for App’s that won’t let you use ADM as alternative you can copy the stream and download it that way! Mao-chan Stellvia D. At the meeting on April 9,they decided that while the book did include the aforementioned nudity, it did not violate the new ordinance. Also its a tragedy, made me cry: Submit a new text post.

It started out so good. Not worth watching so dropped it: But we already know just about everything there is to know about the curse and watching another cycle of clueless teens figuring it out won’t be much fun. They seem to forget that their opinion is just that, a fucking opinion and seem to not notice that not everyone think the same way as they do. I’ve watched slam dunk D These days I just watch movies whenever I get some free time.

At this point you have to wonder if the website owners have any foresight. KissAnime submitted 5 months ago by Blortad. Retrieved March 6, I went on the website and I got no pop-ups.


tto THEM Anime Reviews labeled it “the worst romantic comedy we’ve ever seen”, and also described it as “a watered down Urusei Yatsura for the 21st century”. So, I’ll just rate it. If you’re up for some heavy reading: And TBH I don’t understand why they don’t just shut down the school, or atleast stop using that particular class, I mean after so many deaths you’d think someone would wanna take action.

There’s plenty that aren’t on the pirate bay, but that’s because almost nobody posts anime there, it mostly goes to Nyaa.

Already watched Code Geass and the ef series. WH4Y I get Jin’s intent now, although it was good but it just didn’t justify his actions, though still the way Misaki still endured it was good to see.

Everything beats that shit stain of an anime. KissAnime comments other discussions 1. And it is definitely an anime worth watching. How’d ya know that: Started Sword Art Online Please reply Dragon ball Z Kai is still airing.

I think they stopped airing it: All the anime I listed are decent. They use anime that was stolen from other companies and you are the one watching and requesting to watch. It has some cameo’s of kiritsugu as well protagonist of Fate Zero Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2. I really like his noble objective in this though it still did not justify his actions completely.

I get Ad’s generate revenue to keep the site going and i love the KISS sub sites always found them reliable. So they attempt to get you to disable ad blocking software out of some presumptuous sense of property, like we’re stealing from them by using ad blockers when they’re the ones stealing anime by hosting it illegally in the first place.


To-Love-Ru Episode 19 – Digital – Madman Entertainment

After listening to one of its ending themes for about the hundredth time I got the urge to watch it all over again. But when I watch anime, I want something that can make me laugh and make me sentimental as well. I never had a real problem with kissanime. If you still want to use kissanime you can use nano defender with either nano adblocker or ublock to circumvent anti-adblock mechanisms.

To-Love-Ru Episode 19

In short, I’d prefer masteranime for now and probably for a long time. If you post a link, no link shorteners.

Fate Zero had alot of potential because this anime had one the best charecter lineups. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2 Everything beats that shit stain of an anime. They don’t have the latest dubs.


Let’s see if I add Code Geass to the list. This leads to my next point they took the effort into sharing content most illegal websites would ask u for some compensation money’s but this website doesnt animeeultima instead only requires u to see adds when ur using the website, now for me that’s fine when I see them adds I’m glad they are making money they will need it anyways if u they and u want the website to still be up.

If you want i can summarize it for you in 1 line lol.

I just don’t understand the logic behind complaining about something like this.