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The Sims 4 – House Build – Houseboat | HD

We are doing the Houseboat build today, or… Trying to mimic a houseboat xD Enjoy!

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  1. Oh please do a Rubik's Cube House. This would be funny 🙂

  2. I'm new to the channel, but I'm loving it so far! Great video! I really like your builds.

  3. Hi!!! I have a question. I bought the sims 4 and I recently got the Cats and Dogs expansion too. The thing is, I don’t actually have the money for all the other ones and I really want them, but I’m afraid that if i download them via torrent or so and copy them to my sims folder the Origin platform won’t let me use the game anymore or just they won’t work. Any tips????

  4. Amazing dude. Du har gjort det godt 😁

  5. Your builds never fail to impress me ❤

  6. simply AMAZING =D (brazilian here)

  7. auvbri, will you be making some christmasy, snow, beautiful decorations builds for this winter season? 😍 I would love to see that 😊
    much love ❤

  8. Idgi, how will will you be able to reach the house from the outside, I mean as a guest

  9. I love it and u can use any painting u want!

  10. Thank you for finally doing this! I have had this idea for a while, but I don't have the skills yet to make a video for it ( nor the guts to do it). Keep doing your great work.😁


  12. Something I haven't seen done yet is placing plants behind the corner couch. I think it would've worked nicely in this house. Maybe you can try that in your next build?

  13. Im missing seasons in Sims 4.

  14. this is amazing!! it looks so cozy 🌸 (hey just a newbie question, how do i enter this house? my sim needs to swim into the pool to get there? im so sorry, i just bought this game and i don't really know how it works haha)

  15. Wow! It looks amazing. I love it ♡

  16. Auvbri you're a pro, I LOVE your videos!

  17. This is awesome, finding your channel has really sparked my sims creativeness, haha, I'm currently in a build off with my sister, where we pick a building theme, build then show each other what we have created, This week its an underground shelter <3

  18. Lysm!!!❤️❤️❤️

  19. Love this build, you did a really good job

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