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The REX House, Reuse Everything eXperiment

In 2008, I took on the biggest re-use (or save it) challenge of my salvage design career –deconstruct a 1920 bungalow that could not be saved recycle 100% of it’s materials into the new home construction all on the same site. Seven months later and fondly called The REX. House (Reuse Everything eXperiment) the new home was complete. . My ultimate goal; save money by using old building materials I had and never see a dumpster on site. Total savings, close to $50,000.00

Imagine taking an old, dilapidated house, one with a crumbling foundation, rotting floors, crusty windows, stinky carpet, a rusty water heater and old kitchen appliances and attempt to recycle and find uses for these items and everything else, even down to the nails. With lots of creative ideas, a great group of sustainable experts from Portland Oregon and being a salvage designer myself, we did it. This addiction to find use for just about anything has led me to one conclusion – “don’t dump the junk!”

With over 4,000 photos and endless video I now share the REX House story all across the country as a national speaker of salvage design and decor. I love showing folks, that if you just incorporate one of my ideas you can help decrease waste, stop supporting our landfills and join me in creating land empties!

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