Conclusion The results of this study showed that old X-ray equipments with poor or no maintenance are probably the main sources of reducing radiographic image quality and increasing patient radiation dose. Possible use of CdTe detectors in kVp monitoring of diagnostic X-ray tubes. Using the high pitch CT-protocol plaques appeared larger 0. Lastly, coronary artery segments were evaluated using a 4-point scale to investigate the assessability of each segment. Moon, Tae Joon [Dept. However, the effect of particle size on x-ray transmission was negligible at the higher x-ray tube voltages 40— kV. Can Katmanoglu 67 episodes, Emir Bozkurt

The vacuum chamber of the installation is made of steel and sealed with rubber packings. Various forms of coupling are examined. People have less experience in running and shielding such device than in the case of widely-used low energy X-ray tubes operated at the voltage below kV. Automatic bone and plaque subtraction BPS in computed tomographic angiographic CTA examinations using dual-energy CT DECT remains challenging because of beam-hardening artifacts in the shoulder region and close proximity of the internal carotid artery to the base of the skull. The spectrometer was energy calibrated using standard radioactive sources. Most of the applied radiation dose at CT is in the lower photon energy range, which is of limited diagnostic importance.

This opens the door to algorithmic physics-based corrections rather than treating the data as missing and relying on missing data algorithms. Expert readings confirmed these findings; all scans were perceived to be of at least diagnostically acceptable quality on all evaluated parameters allowing image interpretation.

CdTe detectors have sufficient energy resolution to distinguish individual X-ray fluorescence nooor and high efficiency for the photon energies in the diagnostic region. As a result, improved sub-modules have been produced. Simay Canas 77 episodes, Kubilay Karslioglu The differences of values for CTDIvol 8.

Simay Canas 77 episodes, MCNP simulations and direct dosimetry both show useful thick microbeams to be produced from the x-ray tubewith peak-to-valley dose ratios PVDRs in the approximate range 8. CT attenuation values, noise, signal-to-noise ratio SNRand contrast-to-noise ratio CNR of the shoulder, neck, and cerebral arteries were measured for objective image quality.

The kV-meter reading can be converted to the PPV by applying appropriate calibration coefficients and conversion nlor. Contrast-to-noise ratio CNR was calculated. Kuzey Tekinoglu 80 episodes, To assess the influence of tube current and tube voltage on the CT attenuation, radiation dose, and image quality.


Image quality was evaluated objectively by the CT value, signal-to-noise ratio SNR, and contrast-to-noise ratio CNR in the main coronary arteries and aorta and subjectively by expert reading. The experimental setup for the Set A spectra measurements allowed the assessment of the HVL and kVp for different count rates and dead time in the detection system, while the Set B setup allowed to assess the dependence of these quantities with the tube current.

The patients who visited this department for pulmonary disease and need CT scans for Follow-up to observe change of CT value, evaluation of image quality and decrease of radiation dose as change of kVp. Simple Hz N2 laser with longitudinal discharge tube and high- voltage power supply using neon sign transformer. People have less experience in running and shielding such device than in the case of widely-used low energy X-ray tubes operated at the voltage below kV.

Group A 25 patients was examination with tube voltage 80 kVp while group B with kVp to examine radiation dose and Image quality.

We assessed objective and subjective image quality and compared radiation dose parameters. Compared with two Iopromide subgroups, Iomeprol subgroups showed no significant difference in CT attenuation A phantom with 45 epiaode lesions was placed in two water containers and scanned at 70, 80,and kVp.

Eighty peak kilovoltage and standard blended kVp images were compared.

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The stability of circuit is better than 0. Quantitative parameters including CT-attenuation, image noise, and contrast-to-noise ratio CNR were measured. Thus, after implementing 10A arc discharge for several hours, the voltage was able to be raised to 10 MV almost immediately after the vacuum recovery, and further, after eppisode conditioning for several hours, it was successful to raise voltage up to 11 MV.

Preclinical investigations of thick microbeams show these to be feasible for use in radiotherapeutic dose delivery. Despite their differences, the disparate brothers still fall in love with the same girl, Noor, who has just moved into the neighbourhood. Because of its isolating property, series protection is preferred.


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One hundred and twenty patients were randomly divided into 3 groups, and there were 40 patients in each group. CT angiography for planning transcatheter aortic valve replacement using automated tube voltage selection: The polynomial fits yielded goodness-of-fit R2 values averaging 0. Assessment of image quality and low-contrast detectability in abdominal CT of obese patients: Comparison of clinical and physical measures of image quality in chest and pelvis computed radiography at different tube voltages.

From the original and simulated images, we generated the functional images of cerebral blood flow CBFcerebral blood volume CBV and mean transit time MTT in seven patients with cerebrovascular disease, and compared the correlation coefficients CCs between the perfusion parameter values obtained from the original and simulated images.

Two sets of x-ray spectra were measured: This overestimation is only slight and probably negligible in a clinical situation. So, the calibration of non-invasive tube voltage meters is essential to maintain the metrological reliability of quality control tests.

For a grid positioned after the treatment applicator, and of similar design to those used in the first part of the study, MCNP simulation and Gafchromic EBT film were then applied in examining the resultant radiation profiles.

The CT values, standard deviation SDsignal-noise-ratio SNR and contrast-noise-ratio CNR were measured in the renal vessels, normal adrenal tissue, adrenal neoplasms and subcutaneous fat. Effective high voltage at X-ray tube in hard X-ray chest imaging. Finally the electronic circuit, after adequate pulses treatment, shows instantaneously the actual KVp value in the test on displays. The spectrometer was energy calibrated using standard radioactive sources. Clinical application in a non-obese and obese patient population.

Gas tube -switched high voltage DC power converter.

This prospective study enrolled 63 patients who undergoing Mojanad urography. A direct current DC -DC converter includes a transformer and a gas tube -switched inverter circuit.