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NEW 2016 Psychill Psychedelic 3D Visual Progressive Trippy Music Mix

Sit Back. Relax. Meditate. Contemplate. THINK. Trip Out. And Enjoy…..

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Thanks to Incompetech, PumpYouUp.com and Nathan O. Wills (R.I.P) for the free music!

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  1. Watched this while high and was tripped out, watched this when I wasn't high and was tripped out

  2. Bounce United Stole This Moving Background On There My House Flo Rida Bootleg Video


  4. 0:000:28 Makes me feel like a piece of poo, making its way through the bowels.

  5. Just thought I'd stop by and say Hello to all my fellow drug addicts. The sun is currently lighting my sky as I gracefully approach day two of zero sleep. The coke is nearly gone. Maybe today for once my plug will wake up before 3pm

  6. watching the sunset from my bedroom view, i wasn't really sure if its the clouds moving around the song, or the smoke from the buildings, but now im sure its the clouds when i think about it 😀

  7. the first one . Where can i find t?

  8. off some shrooms, and I just starting salivating as im watching this

  9. mute this and play Lo-fi in the background instead, makes for great asmospheric trippyness

  10. I suddenly want a vr headset

  11. Bikin salah jumpa lagi khan,, 🌜

  12. I watched the entire thing, holy shit.

  13. Aleinikov65
    vor 1 Sekunde
    The inner Kosmos…is the outer KOsmos…it me.,….the universe…its ME…I AM the Universe…The Stars are the Atoms of my mind…Wow…..The last frontier,……DEATH..i am falling…what ?… WHY ? Because…… I AM…. I will be.. I was…OH…….NO!….AH!…YES….AYE….UH……Yehaa…..???….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Porque solo comentan putos en ingles ???

  15. This make me feel to visit other planets with bizarre animals and insects.

  16. Done a cb2 tripping ballssss

  17. I was tripping to this up until the zombies…

  18. i'm high right now, and this video its asome!
    sorry for mi bad english

    i listen this with extasy y and smoke dmt several time
    it was amazin

    i never smoke dmt with music, it's a totally diferent

  19. Afuckingmazing balls i am high as shit

  20. This is definitely black ops zombies holy shit this is fire

  21. I am new in teh music production, i tried to make a new genre by myself, if you want you can check it out: Guido – Mystik Forest (Trippy Beat) please tell me what you think, if you want you can dislike it for no reason because i love haters too <3 but please tell me how i can get better. i spend so much money to get a digital audio workstation

  22. Visuals were fun, but the music was like waiting at a stop light for an hour.

  23. Could I use the first part for an intro on a channel?????

  24. 15:30 getting to your favorite scene in stranger things be like

  25. The beginning vortex is soooooo Doctor Who.

  26. The key to this is letting ur brain go and not control it the only things is im scared of not coming back

  27. +psychedelic trips hey man can I use one ur visual as my song's video…..or can u make one for my song……please lemme know whateva suits you

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