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ML-3 Mobile Home for Sale 22ft x76 ft

ML-3 Mainline 22 x 76, 1672 sq,ft. 3 bedroom 2 bath


Options included in Mobile home
-2-1/4 kona cherry trim through out
-Pot and pan drawers
-Washer and dryer cabinets
-Extra coach light on front

-Dormer over living room
-False gable over bedroom 2
-2 1/4 J trim around all windows
-Extra conduit at electrical panel box through floor
-Ceiling fan with lights in living room
-extra exterior GFI at back door
-Decora light and plugs switch package
-Pendent lighting over island
-Air condition ready furnace
-Water softener ready
-Water line with shut off to back of fridge
-Shut off valves at all fixtures
-Built in microwave /range hood white
-Two door side by side fridge white

-Smooth top self clean range whit
-Dishwasher White
-9 light window in front and back door
-Aluminum storm doors
-White passage doors
-1 x 9 Acrylic block window in living room
-Utility room door
-Linen closet in ensuite
-R 50 attic
-Soft close doors and drawers
-TRI-Pane casement windows throughout


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  1. It's about 95,000.00 in us money if I did the math right.

  2. I have seen some really beautiful mobile homes 4 beds 2 bathrooms and Never have I heard any higher "furnished" than maybe $84-$89! this is Way too high to not be a solid brick home. wow.

  3. Nice, but over priced. I've seen some bigger and better one's for $59.900.00 3 bed 2 bath double wide.

  4. I am sure it is very nice. Any plywood or chipboard in it=building supplies?

  5. You could buy two habitat houses and get the yards along with it. Plus buy 4-14ft. by 70ft. Mobiles homes at mobile home auctions. Plus have some money left over to go shopping .

  6. its a cute home but not for the price

  7. Terrible camera angles-can only see top half most of the time!

  8. A mansion in ARKANSAS goes for that price but if that is Canada money it might be 135 .000.00 USD

  9. The room between the kitchen and the bedroom can be a second closet. I wouldn't need that big a pantry.

  10. might as well buy a house for the price

  11. I only need to see rental house's

  12. is this a singlewide? the largest singlewide i ever seen was 18ft wide.

  13. With that outrageous price, you can build a mansion from cob homes or build a container house.

  14. I think price for this mobile home is ridiculous

  15. me gustan esas casa estan muy buenas. tengo un tereno pero poco moni para comprar esa casa.

  16. this is to pricey for a single wide mobile

  17. If 145,830 is the actual price then….get back on your meds. Thats ridiculous !!

    You can get a good " House " for that

  18. price is insane and an immediate reason to not look at any more of your home's.

  19. I live in Dalton, Georgia. I bought my 5 bedroom 3 bathroom 2003 doublewide for $26,500 on an acre lot.

  20. Home is moved with specialized truck and dolly's, depending on the road and size of home we also need 3 pilot cars sometimes with a police escort. We do place most of the homes on owned land but there are mobile home parks designed for them. the homes are not normally fully furnished and would get delivered directly from the factory. we just stage the homes for display.


  21. Mobile home, how do you move this, it is so big. …. I am from europe, so this is not a familiar concept. Do you buy the land where it is placed, and then just place this as a fully furnished structure, or is it built or asempled on the property? Or do you rent so you can pick up and take your home somewhere else. These houses are really nice.

  22. I guess things just cost more in Canada….hope their wages are equal to their standard of living!!!! There is no way I'd Pay that much for s trailer!!! that would easily buy but a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath 2.5 car attached garage brick ranch with a basement where I live!!!! wow,.and the trailer wasn't that pretty!!
    oh well….good luck selling those ,"for sure,"!!!

  23. Maybe that price is actually alot less in us. Hopefully

  24. These trailers look so cheap made.

  25. This is an average price for a Canadian Built Manufactured home this size.

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