And yet the film does this without glamorising those who chose the path of crime. This was in 90s or in s by then he had evolved into an eccentric artist: The other film was a Mukul Anand film, btw, Mahasangram: The first involves the choices that face an unprivileged boy struggling to make ends meet and to support his mother in a predatory world. But Hathyar was, literally, different terrain for him. I miss the Dutta of old and I still hope he could return to his early days and make films like his first 5. Effective use is made of a minatory background score, and the scene that introduces the adult Avinash has the deliberate texture of gun porn, with loving close-ups of a shiny rifle being assembled, a hand stroking it, loading bullets, cocking it, taking aim. All this goes very much against the idea of a rich, somewhat spoiled brat acting like a lower-middle class person.

About me My books Long-form writing. Anyone who had the pleasure of watching Ghulami on a big screen — I have a dim childhood memory of this, though I may have nodded off during the Naseer-Smita scenes — will know how sweeping his visual sense was and how well he used these majestic settings. In the opening shot a little boy, initially seen in silhouette, sits on a rocking horse as his thakur father sings to him about a prince who roams the world on a flying steed and returns home when he is tired. Like I said before, wish he had been 10 years younger when he did these films with Dutta. One of the scenes that stands out in my mind is that shootout in Bandra’s swamp. I’m not too sure of technical terms but the story goes that once while shooting in Rajasthan, he just switched the camera on while hundreds of camels ran by. There is a funny story about J P Dutta. Hathyar Background Theme – workout Music Genre:


But after Hathyar, the bloat in his movies set in, with Batwara and Kshatriya, both decent movies, with potential to be great if they’d been more taut pieces of work. Newer Post Older Post Home.

That’s Zihal-e-Miskin in mixed Hindi-Farsi. Perhaps this was one of the versions that continued to play in B-theatres in small towns for years afterwards, with the focus being on the action scenes and the wisecracking.

I have watched it at least times. No other filmmaker in the world dound match him.

I must see Hathiyar and Ghulami. As I have written before on this blog, the first two years of the s were when I became distanced from Hindi films though a part of me loved the dhishum-dhishum and the familiar, reassuring structures and hathysr nourishment elsewhere.

In fact, one possible weakness of Hathyar is that it sometimes appears to blur two separate issues.

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Yet, even at age 13, turning nastik and renouncing the mandir of Hindi movies, I hatnyar that some of these films had a special energy in them and gave the impression that actual thought was taking place at the level of camerawork, scripting or performance; that an individual sensibility lay behind the whole.

Too much focus on what they say “realism” robbed us off of some great cinema which existed prior to 70s. Sanjay Dutt shoots Shakti Kapoor Hathyar times, 2: On the other hand, I am super pessimistic, always find it depressing to think about current state of the industry and think that things are down the drains: One of movies I liked so much.

However, I did observe a few interesting things: Meanwhile, Avinash gets seduced by the Bombay underworld. Can’t separate Ghulami and Hathyar as to which is his best!

Hathyar movie background music Waqas Rana times, 2: When assistants told him it involved huge cost in terms of reels and also camels, he told them to take a chill pill: Hathyaar movie background theme music by Zx Arman backgrounx, 2 2: Background musicNicolai Heidlas Music. I, for one considered him to be one of the best directors at that time considering the sub hackground fare that was being dished out by the hindi film industry in the 80s.


No body covered the beauty of rajasthan like he did.

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That the man never cared for amounts of reels he used to use while shooting. Was thinking about Dharam paaji also. Effective use is made of a minatory background score, and the scene that introduces the adult Avinash has the deliberate texture of gun porn, with loving close-ups of a shiny rifle being assembled, a hand stroking it, loading bullets, cocking it, taking aim.

Must say i am intrigued and will catch hathyar and ghulami. Dear Jai, Thanks for reliving my childhood and my dreams. Here is a Muslim man, whose religion exhorts him to detest idolatry, finding statues likable. Ghulami has at least one great song too, beautifully picturised.

Kshatriya had such potential and what a cast!

I found it too good. Hathyar Background Theme 1 Sheikh times, 4: Besides, was he solely banking on bumping into Sami, who would refer him to the toy shop?

JP Dutta was one of the greatest directors in Bollywood. Easy free mp3 song downloads from downloadmingdjmazaindia mp3. Wuill read the your post now. I missed the 90s entirely, almost, since I wasn’t watching Hindi films at all after with a couple of exceptions — don’t really feel qualified to comment.