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Fortnite Battle Royal! Building a house! #1


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  1. Do you want to play fortnite my user name on Xbox is codernter and yes that is spelt right no a

  2. Never seen someone win a game when all they had were rare and common weapons this was a first

  3. Hey exposed gamer I would like to know if you would like to play together my name is rockstarrock077

  4. Nice i started doing this it’s so fun check it on my channel

  5. U sound so depressed, show me optimism dude

  6. why did he sound like he was having gay anal sex when he said fuck me lolol

  7. Nice gameplay I also stream fortnite if you got time I would appreciate a look :]

  8. I subbed and my psn is TylerR2003

  9. Thanks for the like mate I’m Getting online soon we should play, are you on Xbox?

  10. This is my first video i watched from u but it was one of the best you do really well keep grinding #thegrindisreal

  11. im playing to is very good game =)

  12. Hi First video I've ever seen on ur channel And you are pretty good!
    How old are u btw?

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