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DIY Tumblr Room Decor! Minimal Wall Art! (Dollar Store DIYs)

Ya girl is back in the DIY game! I know y’all missed these! Which was your fave?? Make sure you send me a picture if you end up making one of them!


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  1. ya girl is back in the DIY game! I know you guys missed these! Which was your fave?? Send me a pic if you end up making one of them! ❤️

  2. I love the the galaxy DIY but is there something you can use to draw that might give it colour and light up when dark. Loved this DIY ❤ please help !

  3. Loved it. Its simple, nice and well explaned

  4. you should collaborate with the sorry girls! they're canadian too

  5. why do you always sound like you're about to cry

  6. trying using a hot knife to cut through styrofoam. makes it cleaner and smoother

  7. I'm getting rid of my loft bed and also redoing my room so i'm binge-watching ur room decor videos!

  8. Your videos are amazing! Love watching them…they're very creative ❤️❤️

  9. Hi, I was just wondering where you got the cool bed/headboard.

  10. Do we have to use the white paint sharpie or can we also use white paint

  11. how did you hang up the porcupine thingy?

  12. For the first two minutes of the video I was convinced the star thing was made out of uncooked spaghetti noodles . Shows how smart I am 😂😂

  13. Hey guys here's a tip if you are not getting fake leave like this so don't worry just take some newspaper put a your favourite leave in it, keep something heavy on it and leave it for 5-6 days, the leave will be pressed and that plant, leave or flower etc.. And that will not last for many years..

  14. The constellation DIY is so pretty, reminded me of your April bullet journal aesthetic!

  15. Ooh hmu I might try to spice up a spell by putting the herbs pressed on my wall, maybe a protection one? (random from your local pagan)

  16. Wow you explained this so well

  17. Omg omg everything is so cute

  18. by dollar store do you mean the dollar tree or dollar general?

  19. my fav is the stars one. i think that's pretty cool for my sister's room. she really loves kind of it. i'll make it for her birthday gift!:)

  20. Wow !! The constellation board is really nice !! I think I will do it !!

  21. you can actually buy half styrofoam balls premade

  22. in loove with everything in this video

  23. Sooo perfect 😌💘 snapfam always here ✋✋

  24. Just discovered your channel today through my bullet journal research and I love it! You have such fun, awesome videos.

  25. 0:09 seconds into the video

    if you tell me to paint the leaves istg, you know I have no skills

  26. SNAP FAMMM LOVE U THIS IS AMAZING!!!! absolutly beautiful so proud of u xx

  27. idk why but I thought the first one wouldve been harder to make but it wasnt 😂
    definitely will do that one 😂😂

  28. Absolutely love this vídeo! <3

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