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DIY Room Decor For Cheap! Dollar Store!

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Template for the lampshade: http://bit.ly/1BPNF7P

EVERYTHING (minus the spray paint!) is from the Dollar Store!! Super easy, cute, and cheap! Let me know how you guys like it!!

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  1. great ideas …thanks for sharing ❤?

  2. I love this video you should do more video

  3. Thank you for the great tips! New sub here?

  4. What store do you get this stuff

  5. Your ideas are Sooo cute ! Love this music too. Is this a Chris Isaac song?

  6. you won't catch me later I'm the gingerbread man!

  7. I absolutely love the first idea!

  8. They are marbles not beads

  9. where do u buy hot glue gun???

  10. The lamp kinda seems like a fire hazard think about it you have a open flame that can go crazy any second surrounded by paper?

  11. so after awhile did the beads stay on???

  12. what's the name of the song 01:27….It's amazing

  13. what's the name of the song 01:27….It's amazing

  14. answered my own question lol. anyone wanting to know the name of the song its Wicked Game- by Gemma Hayes

  15. love the song. who sings it?

  16. i loove your ideas. new subbi

  17. You could do better because I'm a ten year old and it seems a little boring I suggest to add more color

  18. hi who sings the song ?

  19. amazing idea What spary paint color did u use for the perfume holder?

  20. Wow, great ideas. Now I have to check out what else you have. Thanks.

  21. be careful so the paper doesn't burn, baby girl.

  22. These are great ideas!Super adorable!!!Btw I know the song in the background is wicked game but who sings the version you have playing?? Xo <3

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