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Heyyyyyyyy! We are finally doing a home decor challenge since Tee is moving and Kay is redoing her closet. It was hard not thrifting for clothes lol but we found some fab home decor pieces. It was soooo much fun. We thought this would be a great opportunity to show you our own personal style. Please enjoy 😀😀

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  1. You made alot of nice choices! You have a very nice thrift store.

  2. just purchase cheap rugs and picture frame them..

  3. I know, I’m two years too late but it’s a pie stand YES grab the whisker stand…..what’s the red canvas against the back….go back …..the vase , the square one put your sea shells a little beach sand and a candle in it!! 🙄 love the silver stand, yea, the brushes….ooohh I want to be with you guys 🙁 oh I love the red vases, Christmas, candles, groupings!!

  4. Your apartment is gorgeous.

  5. This is so funny as it is just like me shopping! "Go on…. Buy it!!!"😂😂😂👍🏻

  6. they have some really nice paintings. thought you all were at home goods or something….lol


  8. Being A "Hairstylist", I Know You Both Like To Wear Wig's. I Do, As Well.TEE…You Would Look Really Good, In An "A-line" Cut, With The Bang's , The Same Length As The Hair. Kay, (By The Way, Is My Nickname)You Really Look Good, In A "Bob", Like That Dark- Colored Wig, Only A Lil' Shorter, With It Being The Same Length, All On The Bottom.Love "Thrifting" Myself !!! SAVER'S Is My 2nd HOME."FUN ! FUN" ! I. LOVE " Decorating " As Well !!! Look's Like You Two Were Having A "GOOD" Time…………………

  9. The silver "coffee" container is not a candle holder. :). It had a liner in it that is usually royal blue or black. with a silver lid. It's a container to put coffee in, on your counter.

  10. jean vest, you look like beyonce!

  11. That tri silver thingy you can put some pretty antique plates to put bracelets earrings etc on it

  12. I want to see what you did with everything!

  13. that four tier i would use that also for the bathroom and place your tp rolls and the top one place a nice plant or something

  14. that plate tier you can put one plate on each tier and place it on top of the bathroom sink counter with poppuri 2nd tear, small soaps the bottom tier and the top tear you can use tho place your jewelry etc.

  15. What was the last store?

  16. I love home decor videos!

  17. The hair is gorgeous K and T ! And the freckles are cute!  Such deals!

  18. Are you two sisters, you both are beautiful.

  19. Love the channel!! I wanted to give a tip about the picture frames, you can try to take the back off and replace with free printable art and staple gun to reapply the backing, so if you find a really nice frame at the thrift stores, you can put whatever you want inside. Planning on trying this myself soon 🙂

  20. Oh no !!! You passed on the Mikasa vase !!! Those are really expensive. Next time you're thrifting, remember that name, lol!!….luv u guys !!!

  21. i need u guys to make over my room

  22. I lovvvve thrifting so glad I stumbled across yall channel… I love how yall get all excited and stuff.. Thanks Lady's👍👍

  23. Hi,  you both seem like a great team,  but I would like to see the new home owner make more of her own decisions.  In watching this video, it appears the home owner gives up the power of choice so easily:  how many, what color, and why not or why I do should be your final decision.  Please don't take offence…this is not meant to be a negative comment, just an observation .

  24. I love your freckles Kay!……Adorable!

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