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Best Video Phone For You


I will discuss some key components to consider when making your decision regarding a home video phone. However, I have also thoroughly investigated the topic and produced a full report in detail for you to review. The link is available below.

Home video phones are hitting the market. They will become much more mainstream in just a few short years. This is because of the shift in telecom technology occurring at present. Old analog telephone service, in which calls are transmitted over a wire, is being replaced with digital service, in which calls are transmitted via the Internet. Using the Internet, a digital phone service, offers a very easy and natural setting for the inclusion of the video aspect into our regular telephone calls. The Internet already broadcasts video readily so incorporating this feature into our audio calls is a very logical next step, thus producing the Internet video phone.

Once all home telephone service has switched from analog to digital phone service, these Internet video phones will be very commonplace.  At this point, however, they are still considered new and not much is known about them, making it difficult to know how to make an informed decision.

One of the most important aspects to take into consideration when shopping for a home video phone is the network it runs on. A secure, well maintained, high quality network is essential. If the phone’s basic framework is mediocre, the entire video phone will be as well. If the make and model are top of the line, but the network is lacking, all the bells and whistles your phone boasts will mean nothing. So, research the network and make sure it’s reputable and reliable.

The other main point to keep in mind is that video phones are indeed Internet based, therefore you will need to subscribe to a decent Internet speed. All of these phones run solely on high speed Internet, but the faster the speed, the better the video quality will be. There is no need to change your current plan to the highest speed available, most will work very well at only 3 megs, which is pretty low. However, to diminish lag time, a speed of 15 megs or higher is optimal. Home video phones perform at real time, meaning there should not be a delay in image or blurriness. To minimize or eliminate this issue altogether, you’ll need to use an adequately fast speed.

In order to learn all the facts about digital phone service and  discover exactly the type of video phone that works for your needs the best, please click here for instant, FREE access to my full report. It covers every aspect of the video phone in detail in order for you to make an educated, confident decision.

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